The show Gilmore Girls revolves around the deep dynamic between the mother-daughter duo, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, but there’s so much more to the show than the ups and downs of family. Another important theme throughout the series is the love lives of the characters. Lorelai was a champion at getting the man she wanted but never compromised. And Rory tried to date someone, but found out in college that she was kind of a dating girl.

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When the two women fell in love, viewers saw many of their first kisses as their relationships blossomed. Not all of the first couple kisses were shown (looking at you, Lorelai, and Christopher), but the ones that were shown were all different from the next. From the time and place, to who he was with, no first kiss is the same as the next.

9 Tristan & Rory: ‘The Breakup: Part 2’

Tristan and Rory kiss for the first time on Gilmore Girls

At the end of season 1, Dean broke up with Rory when he proclaimed his love for her and she didn’t feel the same. To distract herself from the breakup, she went to a party and Tristan was there too. Rory hated Tristan but there seemed to be a connection between the two.

While at the party, Rory ran into Tristan in a private room. For the first time, they did not argue or laugh among themselves. They talked about school, Tristan’s girlfriend, Summer, Dean, and before they knew it, they kissed. It wasn’t the most romantic or passionate kiss, but it was one of the softest moments between the two of them.

8 Jason and Lorelai: ‘The Nanny and the Professor’

Lorelai and Jason's first kiss on Gilmore Girls

In season 4, Lorelai finally agreed to go on a date with her father’s business partner, Jason. Their first date got off to a rocky start but ended well. In the next episode, viewers saw their first kiss when Lorelai went home for the first time.

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The two of them sat on their couch and sipped wine while looking at Jason’s dog, Cyrus, and laughing at his oddities. The last sentence Lorelai said before kissing Jason was “You and your dog are extremely weird.” And, oddly enough, this was romantic for the couple.

7 Max and Lorelai: ‘Love, war and snow’

In season 1, Lorelai and Rory’s teacher Max could no longer deny his feelings for each other. But after their first date was canceled due to Babette’s cat funeral, Max paid a surprise visit to Stars Hollow during Lorelai’s favorite night: a snowfall.

The two of them took a winter walk through Stars Hollow, where they ended up at the movies. While some may recall that their first kiss was in the snow, it was actually at the movies. A first kiss in the middle of a light snowfall is a bit more romantic than in a movie theater, but Lorelai wasn’t complaining.

6 Logan & Rory: ‘Wedding Bell Blues’

Rory and Logan kiss for the first time on Gilmore Girls

Rory was surprised to see Logan at his grandparents’ vow renewal. The two were friendly at Yale and had a clear connection, but Logan never acted on it. Rory didn’t know how to handle Logan because he was the best womanizer who wouldn’t be interested in slowing down.

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Rory was brave enough to share her feelings with Logan and led him to a back room where they drank champagne and had their first kiss. Rory made the first move and showed Logan what he had missed. This kiss opened the floodgates to the complicated romance between Rory and Logan that would continue throughout the series finale and spin-off.

5 Zack & Lane: ‘You jump, I jump, Jack!’

Zack and Lane kiss for the first time on Gilmore Girls

In season 5, Lane and Zack have their first real date, which took place in the house they shared with Brian. Their date got off to a weird start when Brian got home early, but they allowed him to stay in Lane’s room as long as he didn’t disturb them.

At the end of the night, Zack walked Lane back to her room (like a play about walking her home after the date), lifted Brian from his bed, and kissed him good night. After such a sweet night between the two, this kiss was adorable. That Brian collapsed on Zack’s shoulders was an advantage.

4 Dave & Lane: ‘A Deep Friend on Korean Thanksgiving’

Lane and Dave clearly liked each other upon meeting, but it took a little longer to act on their feelings due to Lane’s overbearing mother. Dave began playing Christian music for Ms. Kim’s events as a way to get to know Lane and her family more.

At the end of the night, Lane handed the Bible to Dave after he forgot it. In that moment, Dave knew that he wanted more than friendship from Lane and told her that he wanted to date her. Surprised by her admission, Dave leaned in and kissed Lane for the first time. Lane was so shocked that she couldn’t even say goodbye to Dave.

3 Dean and Rory: ‘Kiss & Tell’

Dean and Rory's first kiss on Gilmore Girls

With Dean being Rory’s first relationship, the two were a bit awkward at first but adorable. He would show up at Doose’s and explore the markets just to see Dean or talk to him for a while while he was working. But on Thanksgiving, the two took their relationship to the next level by sharing their first kiss.

While looking at the cornstarch, Dean promised to bring Rory a soda. As she guessed what soda was in his hand, he leaned down and kissed her. Rory was so pleasantly surprised that the only thing that came out of her mouth was, “Thank you.” However, it was the beginning of everything.

two Jess and Rory: ‘I can’t start’

In the season 2 finale, Rory was caught between her feelings for her boyfriend Dean and her friend Jess. Jess allegedly ran away to New York after getting into too much trouble at Stars Hollow, but her absence weighed heavily on Rory’s mind.

At Sookie’s wedding, Rory was surprised to see Jess there (especially since Dean was at the wedding). He told Rory that he looked good and that he moved back to town. Rory’s gaze said it all: she missed him and she was torn. Without thinking, he passionately kissed Jess before realizing his mistake. She quickly ran away and begged him not to tell anyone. It was a tender moment that took too long for #TeamJess fans.

1 Luke and Lorelai: ‘Raincoats and recipes’

Team Luke fans had to wait until the end of season 4 for Luke and Lorelai to finally kiss. It had been a long time for the couple, but they wanted to wait until the right moment came. Kissing too soon could have ruined their friendship, so Luke took every precaution in the (literal) book to make something happen with Lorelai.

As the two argued over Luke’s feelings for Lorelai and Jason appearing in the soft opening of Dragonfly Inn, Luke ended their discussion by kissing her. Lorelai seemed concerned about the kiss, but soon realized that it was not a bad thing and continued to kiss him back. It wasn’t just a great moment for Lorelai in her career, it was a great moment for her and Luke.

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