The Hulk has had many battles with the Avengers, yet his last fight manages to surpass all others to create something truly special.

Warning: Contains spoilers for Immortal Hulk # 47

The From Hulk battles with him Avengers they’re famous. Although the Hulk is often a member of Earth’s mightiest heroes rather than an adversary, that hasn’t stopped him from taking on Marvel’s most famous superhero team, and his latest fight is the biggest of all time.

Since the Avengers first faced the new Immortal Hulk in Immortal Hulk # 7, Hulk has felt nothing but contempt for his former teammates. That battle saw the incredibly powerful Devil Hulk completely destroying the Avengers, only for them to finally win the battle by firing a massive laser from orbit, destroying the Hulk. However, that wasn’t the worst of it, as the various parts of the Hulk’s body were put into a jar so that he could be properly studied. The Hulk eventually broke free, though the manipulations of his arch nemesis, the Leader, led the Avengers to come once again for Marvel’s Jade Giant. Unfortunately for them, the trauma of being dismembered and treated like a lab rat as a direct result of his former friends is still fresh on the Hulk’s mind, which means he’s more than eager to take down.

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Now in Immortal Hulk # 47 from Al Ewing and Joe Bennet, the Hulk teams up with his wife Harpy in their battle against the Avengers. With the more violence-prone Joe Fixit character in charge, the Hulk has no problem other than Blade. Amid the unfolding chaos is the theme’s narrator, Jennifer Walters the She-Hulk. As her cousin fights her teammate, she can’t help but express that the entire battle is a tragedy. When Harpy attacks Captain Marvel, Jennifer tries to convince the Hulk’s wife to stop being violent, but has trouble finding the words. Harpy tells her that the words are too small for the Hulks, before Captain Marvel blows her up. Unfortunately, things only get more chaotic when Hulk’s allies arrive in Gamma Flight. Dr. Leonard Samson tries to tell everyone to stop fighting, but neither the Hulk nor the Avengers listen. Only when Captain America recognizes the mutated form of Rick Jones does the violence cease for a minute. Unfortunately, even that didn’t last long, as Black Panther impales the Hulk with an energy spear. Only when She-Hulk unleashes a huge applause to force everyone to back off do all of the gamma mutants have enough time to escape.

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Gamma Flight Vs Avengers Immortal Hulk

What makes this battle so strong is how tragic and nuanced it is. Even though the Avengers come out of the battle looking worse, it is still completely understandable why they are behaving so aggressively towards the Hulk. Drunk on his newfound power, Joe was literally stalking the bar patrons before Thor arrived to start their fight. That, along with the horrible things the Leader framed the Hulk for, makes the Avengers far from the bad guys. Rather than the fight being a satisfying beating for both sides, readers walk away wishing they could just talk about it.

This is a common theme between Hulk vs. The Avengers fights, including the first fight in Avengers # 1 where Loki tricks Marvel’s greatest heroes into thinking the Hulk is a threat. Half a century later, things are not much different. No matter how many times the Hulk has proven himself to be a hero, no matter how many times he saved people, it doesn’t matter, there will always be a level of mistrust between the Avengers and the Hulk. The only thing that has changed is that, now, the Hulk has allies in his corner. Symbolizing all of this is She-Hulk, who experiences a genuine breakthrough thanks to Harpy. It is thanks to her that She-Hulk realizes the truth, that her difficulties to communicate are not a weakness, they are the result of her strength. From Hulk last battle with him Avengers He’s not great for his action, he’s great for how deeply he understands all the characters involved.

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