Iron Man’s creation of the Rescue armor for his wife, Pepper Potts, is an indication that Tony Stark always knew that being an Avenger would kill him.

The existence of the rescue armor is an indication that Iron Man He knew that he would eventually die. Avengers Endgame she subtly debuted in the purple outfit Pepper Potts wore in the comics when she too became a superhero. In the MCU, Gwyneth Paltrow wore it as she joined the rest of the Avengers during the final fight against Thanos and his minions. But even before that, the movie already revealed his helmet, hinting that sooner or later, it would be shown in action.

As with all variations of Iron Man’s armor in the MCU, the rescue suit was also created by Tony Stark. On Endgame, it was revealed to be an anniversary gift for his wife that somehow, Morgan, found lying in his garage. This was during the five-year gap between Thanos’s annihilation and the heist that the genius and billionaire spent living a quiet life with his wife and daughter. Tony jokingly complained that Pepper never wore the armor despite it being a gift, but considering this period in the MCU, there’s really no reason for her to wear it. In case something happens, her husband can simply go back to acting as Iron Man to protect his family.

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In hindsight, this makes Tony’s decision to gift Pepper his own Iron Man armor even more bizarre. While she had been in the MCU from the beginning and had been more than capable of fending for herself, she is not a superhero; she also did not express any intention of wearing a suit as Rhodey did in the first Iron Man movie. Despite being constantly in danger due to his association with the Avenger and even at the height of Tony’s fear of Thanos, he never thought of providing him with any kind of weapon, much less a full suit. So why did Tony create the rescue armor for Pepper? It’s because ultimately he knew he was going to die and wanted to make sure his family was equipped to protect themselves when it happened. Iron Man lived a mostly carefree life in his youth, but throughout the MCU, Tony faced his mortality. That, once again, happened at the beginning of Endgame, when he thought there was no way he would return home after his trip to Titan.

Even when Thanos won in Avengers: infinity war and his worst nightmare is over, there is still an annoying feeling inside him that presumes that eventually he will not be around to protect the people he loved. So while he left his role as an active member of the Avengers after failing to protect Earth from its greatest threat, he channeled his genius and effort to make sure his pocket of the world was safe; that means Pepper and Morgan Stark. His daughter was too young to understand this, but gifting his wife a powerful suit gave him the assurance that in case something happened to her, she had the tools to protect her family. If anything, perhaps Tony has become more paralyzed at the thought of something happening to them, especially when he finally experienced what it was like to have the normal family life that he longed to have.

Overall, despite Tony’s initial skepticism to join the time heist, he somehow always knew that there would come a time when he would have to put the suit back on, no matter if that meant having to face Thanos. again or any other threat. Pepper knew it too; she admitted that convincing Iron Man retiring fully was one of the few failures of his life. Perhaps, you even had an idea why your husband created the rescue suit in the first place, and you’ve been secretly learning how to operate it. Otherwise, how could he easily maneuver it during the final battle in Endgame?

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