Dangerous curses they show no restraint when it comes to harming human beings. They are in the public and almost the entire population is unaware of this threat. Fortunately, there are schools dedicated to training students so that they can join the secret society of jujutsu wizards who fight against cursed beings to keep humanity safe.

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The schools that train young wizards-in-training have some of the strongest high-ranking wizards in the world. There are many characters who aspire to be as strong as their idols and mentors, but they need to spend more time training to get there.

10 Yuji can’t just rely on natural talent

Yuji looks very tired

Yuji jumped headlong into the cursed world when he consumed one of Sukuna’s fingers to defeat a curse. Although Yuji didn’t know anything about curses or cursed energy, he acclimated to this new world very quickly. Yuji has a lot of natural talent and it doesn’t take long to master new techniques during training. However, you have a lot to learn.

When fighting with Toto, he needed to be taught how to focus to use the black flash. Yuji will be able to face the challenge of intense training and battles; You have no choice but to compromise and be consistent with your training if you want to prevent the King of Curses from taking over your body.

9 Megumi has to try harder to keep up with her classmates

Megumi fighting the curse

Megumi is familiar with the world of curses and has been training as a sorcerer for the past few years. While Megumi is highly intelligent and a skilled shikigami user, she does not have the same strength and speed as some of her peers.

Also, he has a difficult time using weapons when fighting, as his shikigami requires him to use both hands. Megumi has the potential to be an unstoppable sorcerer, she just needs to spend more time developing her abilities.

8 Junpei ran with the wrong crowd and cost him his life

Junpei and Mahito

Junpei Yoshino met a tragic end. He was influenced and manipulated by Mahito. Due to his constant mistreatment, Junpei was attracted to Mahito and enjoyed learning about cursed energy. He allowed his resentment and anger to fuel his technique. It wasn’t until Junpei met Yuji that he began to feel acceptance.

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Unfortunately, Junpei didn’t get a chance to train with the right group of mentors. It is obvious that Junpei never learned to use jujutsu properly. If he learned about the energy of curses and had the proper training, Junpei could have prevented Mahito’s betrayal.

7 Nobara’s slight deficiencies could be fatal

Nobara He is a safe and straightforward jujutsu sorcerer. She has shown advanced skills when fighting, so much so that her classmate Todo recommended that she be promoted to a Grade 1 Sorceress even though she is currently Grade 3. She is incredibly strong and uses her hammer and nail techniques well.

However, Nobara has needed to be saved by her classmates on more than one occasion. Even though those occasions are few and far between, the times when she isn’t as fast as Yuji could be potentially fatal when fighting curses.

6 Panda should find a way to strengthen his only weakness

Jujutsu Panda Kaisen in his Gorilla mode.

Panda is an abrupt mutated cursed corpse, so far he is the most powerful of his kind. It is a panda with a high level of intelligence. Panda is extremely strong and can withstand many cursed attacks. Although Panda has a lot of physical strength, he has a weakness.

Panda has three cores that allow it to change in different ways. If any of your cores are damaged, you won’t be able to use them. Although Panda can trick his opponents by showing them in the wrong location, it is still possible for his opponent to hit them at any time. Panda would be less vulnerable if it found a way to hide them completely.

5 Although Toge’s cursed speech is strong, it wears out his body quickly

Toge Inumaki _ Cursed Speech

Toge’s The curse technique is cursed speech. He can use cursed energy to command anyone. Once heard, his targets have to do what he says. While Toge has impressive fighting abilities, he is not as fast or as strong as his peers. His cursed speech is very powerful, but Toge damages his body when overused.

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Unfortunately, so far it reaches its limits quite quickly. While attempting to cast stronger curses, Toge begins to cough up blood. Toge seems to have a lot of untapped power in his cursed speech, intense training might allow him to use it.

4 Mai allows her resentment towards her sister to be her main source of motivation

Mai is a twisted sorcerer who bears a grudge against his sister for leaving the house when she was of age. Mai has used that resentment as motivation. Mai uses a pistol with the bullets dipped in cursed energy.

Although his weapon poses a great threat and has powerful cursed energy, it is severely limited in the amount of energy he can use in one day. Also, he is not as strong as his sister Maki even though his sister has no cursed energy. Mai is undisciplined and is the main reason she is inferior to her sister.

3 Being a chaperone could be Kiyotaka’s sole purpose

Kiyotaka Ijichi

Although viewers know that Kiyotaka is an educational figure, little is known about her abilities. It can be assumed that he has cursed energy because he can see curses, however he mainly operates as a driver for students. He usually gives Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara instructions before sending them on a mission to wield curses.

Currently, Kiyotaka is viewed more as a caretaker and babysitter than a sorcerer. His worrisome nature indicates that he would benefit from more time in the field.

two Momo has restrained herself with her cursed energy and weapon of choice

Momo on her broom

Momo she spends most of her time flying on her broom, making her primarily a long-range fighter. She is able to control her broom and use it as a weapon, as well as using it to create large gusts of wind. These techniques are the scope of Momo’s abilities.

As seen in his fight against Nobara, Momo spends most of his time in battle avoiding his opponent. This strategy may work for a moment, but it won’t take long for your opponent to figure out a way to attack it. Momo needs to create more offensive techniques.

1 Kasumi’s sword skill is unsatisfactory

Kasumi incorporates her cursed energy with her swordsmanship. It is evident that he trains well with his katana and has the potential to master other weapons. Unfortunately, Kasumi is weak when it comes to hand-to-hand combat.

In her battle against Maki, she was easily overpowered. During this battle, not only did he lose his weapon, but Maki broke it. She continually lost her balance and was on the defensive for most of the fight. With a sword as her primary weapon of choice, Kasumi has to get better at hand-to-hand combat.

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