Loki, Disney’s new Marvel Cinematic Universe series, is full of Easter eggs, but there’s a connection that’s so good it’s scary.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for Loki episode 1.

From Disney Loki is a mind-blowing time travel adventure through the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it also has a strange connection to another movie franchise. On Loki, Tom Hiddleston’s God of Mischief is arrested by the Time Variation Authority after his Avengers Endgame escaped and charged with a crime against the Sacred Timeline. The series follows Loki’s journey on TVA as he is recruited to help stop a more serious threat, a mysterious villain who is changing the timeline.

In the series, Loki meets Casey, a TVA employee who works diligently at the front desk and doesn’t seem to do much else. Casey, played by comedian and actor Eugene Cordero, is a low-ranking member of TVA and a large part of the comedy relief in Loki. As a TVA employee, he was created by the Time Keepers, the mysterious gods who watch over the Sacred Timeline, simply to perform their desk work. His whole life he’s been behind a desk collecting items delivered by TVA, like the Infinity Stones, and he doesn’t really know much about what’s outside the walls of TVA.

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Casey’s naivety in Loki lets out a hilariously bizarre Easter egg in the premiere, “Glorious Purpose.” While trying to escape from the TVA, Loki spots Casey, who confiscated the Tesseract from the God of Mischief at the beginning of the episode. Loki first asks for Casey’s name, perhaps to make his threat more personal, and then demands: “Give me the Tesseract or I’ll gut you like a fish, Casey!“Confused, the desk clerk responds,”What is a fish?“(He just wants to make it clear what the threat is before complying.) It’s one of the funniest exchanges of the episode, and it’s also a word-for-word reference to the 1996 horror classic. He shouted.

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Loki Episode 1 Loki and Casey

The He shouted The Easter egg is as unequivocal as possible. The iconic opening scenes of He shouted shows Drew Barrymore’s character receiving a series of calls from Ghostface’s killer. During one, the killer threatens: “I’ll gut you like a fish. Even more blatantly, Barrymore’s character in the movie is also named Casey. Although, unlike the Casey in Loki, it seems that the character of Barrymore immediately understands the threat.

Weather Loki has a lot of Easter eggs that are perhaps more relevant to the MCU, the He shouted The reference raises some fundamental questions. First of all, Loki has seen He shouted, as does this reference suggest? Most important Sherpas, does this Loki Does the Easter egg mean anything? Like the Casey in He shoutedIs the Casey in Loki not much for the world? And, perhaps most importantly, Casey just named Casey to make this one perfect. He shouted reference? If so, that’s the kind of mischief Loki could probably be left behind.

Loki releases new episodes every Wednesday on Disney +.

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