There are many Disney movies, both classic and modern, that remain a hit with fans even today. No matter how long it has been since these movies were first released, many fans still consider them amazing and unforgettable.

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However, there are some Disney movies that just miss the mark, especially some of the more modern movies. From Alice through the mirror to The good dinosaur, These movies are considered quite disappointing by fans. These films received poor reception due to poor storytelling, controversial cast, and various changes made between films compared to their original material.

10 Alice through the looking glass was doomed

Alice in Wonderland It did quite well in theaters in 2010, despite mixed reception on the performance of the lead actress and Tim Burton directing the film. However, its sequel released in 2016, Alice through the mirror, was considered disappointing and disappointing by fans of the first film.

Many fans and critics criticized this film for its intricate plot and character development. Despite the promising record of the Red Queen and White Queen’s tumultuous past, fans felt it was not fulfilled at that point in the plot. Many fans of the first movie, as a result, pretend that the second movie never happened.

9 The good dinosaur is unforgettable

The good Disney dinosaur.

The good dinosaur was Disney’s take on what might happen if dinosaurs survived the events of the meteor that killed them all. However, despite the fun concept, fans found this movie to be mediocre.

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Some fans criticized the film for its slow pace, as well as the lack of narrative charm that most other films had. However, it won praise for its realism and special effects. Yet despite this accolade, it is considered one of the most forgettable Disney animated films.

8 Oz, the great and powerful, lacked the charm he needed

Oz the great and powerful

Oz the great and powerful fell flat for many fans, despite critical acclaim for Mila Kunis’ performance as the villain, the Wicked Witch of the West. The movie was supposed to be the original story of how the Wizard of Oz first came to Oz, as he is originally from Kansas.

Those who saw the movie weren’t impressed by the movie’s overuse of special effects, the romance between Oz and the Good Witch of the North, and a few other plot points. Fans of the original Wizard of Oz movie fake that Oz the great and powerful it never happened, as a consequence.

7 The Lone Ranger sparked controversy

The Lone Ranger it was heavily criticized by fans and critics alike. Many did not enjoy the performances of Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer. They also didn’t enjoy the strange storytelling throughout the film. Some fans even criticized Depp for being cast as a Native American character, and they were concerned that he would portray the Comanche accurately.

Depp responded to the claims by stating that he has Native American ancestry. Either way, the film’s poor performance is enough for fans to know that it won’t be well remembered in later years.

6 The live-action version of Pete’s dragon might also not exist

Pete's Dragon

Pete’s Dragon It is best known to fans in its animated version. However, a live-action version was released in 2016 and it was much less popular with fans.

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Despite the film garnering positive reviews from critics, fans of the original film felt that the live-action version did not live up to the charm of its original version. Some were also put off by the dragon’s appearance in the live-action remake compared to the animated version. Although it wasn’t criticized like other live-action remakes, this movie wasn’t necessarily memorable in the long run.

5 Some fans pretend that Mary Poppins never came back

The return of Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins Returns came as a surprise to many fans of the first movie, considering how long ago Mary Poppins was released. However, instead of Julie Andrews, it was Emily Blunt who took on the lead role. Fans had mixed feelings about Blunt’s performance as Mary Poppins, but most found that the film was not delivered compared to the original. Mary Poppins movie.

Some fans agree that while the second movie was good, it just didn’t capture the same charm as the original movie.

4 Toy Story 4 is the most forgettable of all the movies in its series


Fans were shocked when toy Story 3 released years after the second film, but received a generally positive reception. However, Toy story 4 He was much less lucky when it was released later. Despite an energetic new character in Forky, the movie didn’t have the same fan-nostalgia factor as the third movie, especially compared to the first two movies.

However, despite this, it is not the worst developed film of the rest of this list, and it is one of the strongest films overall compared to the others.

3 The live-action version of Beauty and the Beast didn’t sit well with some fans

Many fans of animation. Beauty and the Beast They were surprised to see Emma Watson play Belle in the live-action remake. There was a mixed reception on Watson’s performance, including her singing and acting skills.

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There was also mixed additional reception to negative about the various changes made to the live-action version. For example, Belle inherited inventor skills from her father Maurice, while the Beast was given a new look. The changes made to Belle’s dress for reasons including Watson refusing to wear a corset, despite the other characters’ costumes sticking more closely to the historical setting, were also a big dispute with fans of the original. There are also fans who argue that despite the changes made to give the film a more empowering feminist twist, the changes actually made that angle counterproductive for various reasons. Either way, many fans agree that this movie didn’t capture the allure that the original movie had.

two Artemis Fowl failed to impress

Birds of Artemis received negative reviews from critics for its script, visual effects, and changes made to the original material. It did so badly that it scored a measly 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Many fans of the original series were outraged by the changes made to the film compared to its original material.

It also didn’t help that this movie had a troubled production, even before the pandemic forced the movie to push back its release date to June 12, 2020.

1 The Nutcracker and the Four Realms is considered one of the worst Disney films to date

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms It did poorly at the box office, as well as with fans and critics alike. Many criticized the film for the lack of a coherent plot and the lack of actual musical and dance numbers despite being based on the original Nutcracker ballet.

Those who saw the film, despite enjoying the special effects, did not like the performances of several of the actors, including the main heroine. The most memorable part of the movie is the song used to promote it; “Fall On Me” performed by Matteo and Andrea Bocelli.

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