The My hero academia The universe has many characters who are experts in the art of espionage, subterfuge, and deception. Through their skills, the series’ forces of good and evil probe the ranks of their enemies and determine their strength for the upcoming battles.

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Whether through quirks or natural abilities like deceivers and silver-tongued social masterminds, certain characters would make perfect imposters in the world. Among us play. By identifying how your abilities and skills would contribute to your success, we can better understand your adaptability and cunning even in the most unexpected circumstances.

10 Hawks managed to infiltrate the League of Villains

Hawks’ quirk may not be particularly helpful in avoiding suspicion or killing fellow crew members, but his abilities as a manipulator are unprecedented. That is why he was chosen by the Japanese government to infiltrate the League of Villains and operate as a spy from within.

Although Dabi had doubts about the avian hero’s loyalty at first, his loyalty was quickly shown after the High-End incident. Similarly, Hawks would be equally persuasive in convincing crewmates of his innocence, especially through mock duties.

9 Shinso could quell dissent with a simple conversation

Shinso’s quirk would be particularly helpful with his voice modulating mask. Although he is a skilled and cunning hero who is unlikely to be detected, he could stifle dissent even if his identity were discovered.

By asking a simple counter question regarding someone’s accusation, he could lock them up as they would fall into his hypnotic trance. Unable to elaborate on Shinso’s guilt, he could (literally) get away with it and quietly dispatch his accuser before the next emergency meeting is called.

8 Mirio’s penetration would allow her to “vent” anywhere

Mirio's face sticks out of a wall

Mirio’s “Permeability” quirk allows him to pass through solid objects. This would provide a huge advantage when it comes to getting rid of crewmates, as he could effectively create his own “vents” where they did not exist, leaving his pursuers baffled as to how he accomplished his astonishing escape.

The hero’s only major stumbling block is that he can be cowed under tremendous stress, as demonstrated when Overhaul came to pick up Eri. However, should he stay calm and perform clever assassinations, his quirk would allow him to ditch a lobby long before his elusive prowess was realized.

7 Toru’s invisibility makes her almost unstoppable

Toru puts a hand on his chest.

Toru’s invisibility would allow him to kill his crewmates with impunity and without his pursuers noticing. It would be particularly effective in a group setting as it could cause a group of three to confront each other with a single murder, as they would immediately be inclined to be suspicious of those around them.

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However, their strategy is not bulletproof. The hero’s name would continue to appear on the emergency meeting board, and his invisibility could arouse suspicion from fellow crew members. Therefore, Toru must use her quirk responsibly if she hopes to clean the ship before being caught and exposed.

6 Edgeshot is a trained assassin who could travel within his own crewmates.

Edgeshot’s “Foldabody” quirk allowed him to slim down like paper and enter the bodies of his enemies. While technically not invisibility, this gave him all the advantages that Toru had with the added benefit of being able to physically manifest to avoid suspicion.

Furthermore, he was among the top ten heroes in Japan and was widely regarded for his skills as an assassin. Therefore, an imposter mission would play to your specific strengths much better than it does for most of the other characters in the series.

5 Kurogiri’s warp gate would allow him to teleport across the map in seconds

Kurogiri’s Warp Gate would allow him to teleport himself and others across the map in a matter of moments. This would prove monumentally more useful than simply ventilating, as it gives you so much more versatility and precision as to where you want to go.

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Additionally, it allows you to abruptly “swallow” a crewmate and take them to a remote location where they could be silently killed. Given his erratic movements and limitless mobility, Kurogiri would avoid accusations far better than most of the other villains in the League.

4 Tenya’s speed blasts would allow him to flee from bodies and create strong alibis

Tenya Iida’s quirk allows him to move at astonishingly high speeds. Although it wouldn’t help him convince his crewmates of his innocence or hide bodies, he could flee the scene of their killings quickly and create compelling alibis for their whereabouts.

Furthermore, Iida’s high intelligence as President of Class 1-A would be a huge asset. Natural leader, he would take over the same investigation aimed at incriminating him.

3 Thirteen could make the crewmates completely disappear

My Hero Academia Anime Thirteen Vortex Black Hole

Thirteen was able to create powerful black holes with incredibly strong suction from his fingertips. Unlike most other imposters, this would not only allow him to kill his fellow crew members, but also make their bodies disappear without a trace.

Therefore, the only way to defeat the robot is if an emergency meeting is called. However, since she is also a highly experienced and situationally aware professional heroine in battle, it follows that she would have enough skill to avoid being caught. As an added minor benefit, his physical appearance closely resembles that of a crewmate and would build confidence in his ranks.

two Twice he could duplicate himself to create alibis during his murders

Although Twice was initially reluctant to clone himself, he mastered his fears during the attack on Re-Destro and his minions. By responsibly duplicating, he could kill and stay with another crewmate simultaneously, forcing them to vouch for him.

The only way the multiplying villain could be caught is if he finds himself while following one of his victims. However, as an impostor, he was able to seal the door while disabling his quirk to avoid suspicion and hide his double.

1 Shigaraki was able to move without being seen in broad daylight

My Hero Academia Shigaraki anime grabs Deku at the mall

Shigaraki’s “Decay” quirk would be equally useful to Thirteen, as it could reduce the bodies to dust and force the crewmates to call emergency meetings to charge him. However, he has the added benefit of being a skilled spy who could navigate hero society in broad daylight without being seen.

This was demonstrated during his encounter with Izuku Midoriya, where he waited until Uraraka walked away before ambushing him. Considering how cleverly the villain can move around undetected, it follows that he would have great success as an imposter and would gleefully eradicate an entire lobby of crewmates.

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