Usopp was the sniper of the Straw Hat pirates in the One piece universe. Although he is often considered one of the weakest members of the crew, he has saved the day in numerous cases thanks to ingenuity, cunning, and in some cases luck.

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The marksman was useful to the group even before the two years he spent training with Heracles and more deadly than his cowardly demeanor suggests. By comparing him to a diverse list of enemies, we can better appreciate how capable the sniper was at fighting even during his early years as a brave warrior of the sea.

10 I COULD WIN: Usopp has area-spanning weapons to counter Absalom’s invisibility

While Absalom’s invisibility can prove formidable against most standard opponents, Usopp would be able to reveal it by launching a plethora of “stink stars.” The rotten eggs would suffocate a frontal cone, stick to the villain’s clothing, and reveal it as a sticky, fetid glow.

From there, the sniper could unleash a firebird star to take down his adversary, overwhelmed by him long before he could attempt to use his “Hands of the Dead” technique.

9 WOULD LOSE TO: Hody Jones has enormous strength and durability even in his basic form

Hody Jones was a tremendously powerful Fishman even in his basic form. It was tough enough to deal with Zoro’s subsequent leap and powerful enough to crush large swaths of a castle with its bare hands.

Thus, it follows that he could outrun Usopp’s attacks, making a mad dash towards a sniper at a speed his opponent couldn’t hope to match. Once he finally got his claws on his opponent, Hody’s anger would be swift and ruthless.

8 COULD WIN: Shura’s mobility is countered by Usopp’s range

Shura was only a deadly fighter as he rode well on the back of his winged beast. This allowed him to unleash blasts of fire on Chopper without retaliation despite his vulnerability in direct combat.

If Usopp were to hit the ground with a smoke star, it would disorient his avian opponent and allow him to find a more ideal base. A second firebird or shuriken star would cause insurmountable damage to the high priest, shooting him into the air and causing him to crash to the ground where he is least capable of defending himself.

7 WOULD LOSE TO: Zoro’s speed and durability would overwhelm Usopp

Even before time runs out, Zoro is capable of overwhelming Usopp in every way imaginable. He was fast enough to create images of himself and powerful enough to block the giant Oars with his sword directly. Furthermore, it could even pierce through solid steel.

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While Usopp’s marksmanship is commendable (capable of firing at a tiny, undulating target from across town), he lacks the caliber to stop Zoro in his tracks (as he was tough enough to withstand a barrage from several million volts of Eneru). This would allow the swordsman to close the distance and take down his long-nosed foe.

6 COULD WIN: Kuroobi lacks Arlong’s durability and mobility

Kuroobi was a direct Fishman karate practitioner who was almost able to defeat Sanji. However, he lacks mobility and would be even less effective at catching Usopp than his comrade Chew.

Even if the villain managed to land a successful hit, Usopp was able to take a multi-ton bat to the face and even get hit by an explosion from Perona’s negative holes (which were powerful enough to destroy concrete). Therefore, the sniper has a much higher abuse threshold than his aquatic adversary.

5 WOULD LOSE: Usopp is defenseless against Magellan’s Logia fruit

Magellan's Poison Poison Fruit

Magellan’s Devil Fruit allowed him to transform his body into poison. The only moderately useful asset Usopp could have to fight him with is the firebird star, as it could efficiently evaporate his target’s body.

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However, the Guardian has incredibly high durability (able to withstand Luffy’s second gear with Mr. Three’s wax upgrade). It follows that he could ignore the sniper’s projectiles while summoning a poisonous dragon and consuming his target alive.

4 COULD BEAT: Duval’s high mobility wouldn’t save him

Happy duval

Duval was a decently skilled flying fish rider whose criminal experience would serve him well. It was strong enough to defend the Thousand Sunny from typical bandits and assassins for two years.

However, Usopp’s astonishing precision would allow him to take down the man in mid-flight, smashing his mobile beast with a storm of shrapnel. This would send him plummeting to the ground and completely eliminate his only advantage over the sniper. If an attack was not enough, the shooter would finish it off with a lead star or firebird.

3 WOULD LOSE TO: Vergo has insanely high durability that Usopp couldn’t get around

Vergo was able to wrap his entire body in haki weaponry. This would effectively make him immune to Usopp’s attacks, especially since he didn’t have the star buff that he would get under Heracles’ training.

Furthermore, the leader of the G5 was faster than Sanji and almost capable of overwhelming both Smoker and Law, two characters the sniper would fail against due to their great speed and prowess in combat. In the end, Usopp would have to pray for a quick death.

two I COULD BEAT: Nami’s Clima Tact requires some prep time that Usopp could take advantage of

Nami wielding weather tact

Having designed the Clima Tact himself, Usopp knows how to capitalize on Nami’s weapon’s biggest flaw: her setup time. You must blow bubbles into the air before conjuring a storm, giving the sniper more than enough time to overwhelm you with lead or shrapnel.

Even if Usopp was unable to stop his initial attack, he has profound resistance to electricity (demonstrated through the caliber of the attacks he survived when he faced Eneru). After regaining her wits, she would overwhelm the navigator with projectiles before she had a chance to launch another new assault.

1 I WOULD LOSE: Franky has significantly greater versatility and durability than Usopp

one piece_ franky

Franky’s entire frontal body is practically impervious to damage, easily able to stand up to attacks from CP9 agents. He was even strong enough to survive Vegapunk’s workshop destruction sequence, an explosion that swept through an entire valley, all while remaining conscious.

Thus, it follows that none of Usopp’s attacks would have a significant effect on him. Rather, the carpenter could defeat his opponent by brutal application of his “Weapons Left” or “Strong Right” techniques, both options allowing him to attack from a distance.

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