A new Party Animals trailer was at the Xbox & Bethesda E3 conference, showcasing physics-based multiplayer carnage in a cute fluffy package.

A new gameplay trailer for Party animals has dropped on Xbox and Bethesda E3 Showcase, displaying more maps and weapons, players will be able to put their fluffy paws on when the game launches. In previous years, crazy physics-based games like Flat human fall Y Fall Guys They have grown in popularity both as games and as entertainment, fueling Twitch streams and YouTube videos from a wide variety of content creators. The physics game craze dates back to 2014 when Goat simulator first launched and took the internet by storm, followed a few months later by the launch of early access for Gang beasts, a game that seems to have a great influence on this new title.

The development studio behind the game, Recreate Games, and its owner / publisher Source Technology, are taking their first steps in the gaming industry with Party Animals. PC gamers will remember the title from the Steam Game Festivals in 2020, which included a playable demo of the game for a limited time while it was still in development. Now, since the E3 presentation on June 13, we know that the game will not only launch on the new Xbox consoles, but will also be available on Game Pass from day one. This marks another anticipated game joining Game Pass, which continues to constantly improve its own value over time.

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Party Animals is a physics-based multiplayer fighter similar to Gang beasts. Players take control of glorified rag dolls to attempt to knock each other out of the arena using a variety of weapons and attacks. The game’s character selection features a cute lineup of fluffy bipedal animals from corgis to tigers to dinosaurs in a series of bright and colorful environments that have their share of dangers for players to take advantage of. Using weapons like bats and tasers, the object of the game is to knock other players out of the arena, either by temporarily stunning them and throwing them into an oven or knocking them into a pit, using the chaotic physics of the game to your advantage.

The latest trailer also showcased the addition of other game modes to change the formula in different ways to add mayhem, along with a number of new weapons and maps that have not been shown so far. Despite all these revelations for the game, the ridiculous physics system is still the highlight of the experience. The game is currently slated for a 2022 release date with no other specifics defined yet, which means there is still plenty of time to show more of these announcements for the game in detail in the coming months.

The cute aesthetics of the game shown in E3 coupled with the ridiculously realistic physics engine seems to be a recipe for success in the party game market, and excitement for the title has only grown since the latest trailer. Microsoft continues to strengthen its subscription service, providing this game and several others on the first day for Game Pass subscribers. With its inclusion in Microsoft’s Game Pass, the game will undoubtedly benefit from a much larger player base at launch, marking Party animals as possibly the next great party game to hit the video game market.

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Between us, the developer name InnerSloth was randomly generated

Between us, the developer name InnerSloth was randomly generated

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