Gym Leader Melony is the 6th Gym Leader in the Galar League of Pokémon Sword and Shield and rewards the player with the ice badge if he is defeated. She is unique in Pokémon Shield with Pokémon Sword introducing his son Goldy instead. Defeating her allows the player to catch wild Pokémon up to level 50 while he can command Pokémon up to level 80.

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The player is called upon to face Melony three different times in total: once in the default gym battle at Circhester Stadium, once in the tournament of champions at Wyndon Stadium, and once in Galar’s star tournament also in the Wyndon Stadium. Throughout the three battles, Melony uses a total of 5 unique Ice-type Pokémon, some of them are exclusively Ice-type, while others have Ice as their secondary type. It is important to note that none of your Pokémon in any of the battles have any items.

5 Frosmoth

Glossy Ice Moth

The first Pokémon and also the weakest that Melony sends in both the gym battle and the tournament of champions is the ice and bug type Frosmoth. It comes with Shield Dust’s strong ability, allowing it to be unaffected by additional effects of damaging moves (such as burns, paralysis, etc.).

Despite the seemingly useful ability, it is considered by most to be the weakest Pokémon in Melony’s team, mainly due to its types. Since it is both ice and insect, and since both are twice as vulnerable to fire, it is a total of four times more vulnerable to any fire-type attack. Having a strong fire-type Pokémon, especially with a STAB (Same-Type Attack Bonus) that makes its fire attacks do even more damage, will almost always defeat Frosmoth with a single shot. Therefore, Frosmoth generally does not have a chance to use his ability and is killed in a single hit. It is considered the weakest of Melony’s Pokémon.

4 Eiscue

Eiscue Pokemon Generation 8

Eiscue is Melony’s third choice in the Gym and Tournament of Champions. It is a pure ice-type Pokémon that is equipped with the Ice Face ability. Ice Face allows Eiscue to fully absorb a physical attack by changing shapes. This ability, which could easily fool someone who is not attentive to detail, is the main reason why it is better than Frostmoth. It contains two weak ice-type moves, Rest and Surf.

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Even if the player has a Fire-type Pokémon, Surf is not much of a threat as Eiscue is relatively slow and the player will generally attack first. As long as the player uses special moves and isn’t fooled by its ability, a Fire Pokémon can usually defeat it on the first turn without even giving it a chance to do anything.

3 Darmanitan

Pokémon Sword and Shield Galarian Darmanitan

Galar Darmanitan’s standard mode is a Pokémon used by Melony in all three battles. His ability, Zen Mode, is similar to Eiscue in that he can also shapeshift into a Darmanitan from Galarian Zen Mode if he is below half health at the end of a turn.

In its standard form, it is a pure ice-type Pokémon, while in its Zen form, it turns into ice and fire. The main aspect that makes it better than Eiscue is the last form that can make it more resistant to fire-type attacks. Especially in Galar’s star championships and tournaments, where Darmanitan wins the ‘Earthquake’ ground move and the ‘Stone Edge’ rock move, both super effective against fire-type Pokémon, is a threat to be reckoned with.

two Mr rime

Final form of Mr. Mime, Mr. Rime

Mr. Rime, who is directly influenced by the well-known Mr. Mime, is used by Melony in all three battles. His Screen Cleaner ability is weak during gym and tournament battles. His strength comes in his type, as he is both ice-type and psychic.

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Combined with the fact that he’s equipped with Psychic, one of the best psychic-type moves, Mr. Rime can be a serious threat. On top of that, Ice Pokémon are weak to fighting-type Pokémon, while psychic moves are the best way to deal with fighting-type Pokémon. Its great strength, combined with the power to defeat one of the only types that counter Ice Pokémon, makes it one of the most powerful Pokémon in Melony.

1 Lapras

Lapras is Melony’s favorite Pokémon and she makes sure to use it in all three battles in her Dynamax form. Lapras has the ability to Shell Armor, making him immune to potential critical hits. This ability is always active and therefore makes it much more durable than other Pokémon.

However, his strength is mainly due to his type. As Ice and Water-type Pokémon, it can, like Mr. Rime, counter one of the Counter-Attack-type Pokémon: Fire. With moves like Surf and Hydro Pump, and their bonus STAB damage, it wouldn’t be wise to fight Lapras with a Fire-type Pokémon. Instead, it is recommended to switch to a strong electric type, such as Toxtricity, to have a chance. Lapras will gain extra strength as Melony will always upgrade him to his Dynamax form, thus making him the best Pokémon on his team.

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