Square Enix announces the release date of its newest game, Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, along with an official reveal trailer.

Square Enix released the official reveal trailer for Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy.

Developed by Eidos-Montréal and published by Square Enix, this new Marvel game is currently available for pre-order and will be released on October 26, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC. Announced during the Square Enix E3 2021 Showcase, the trailer offers a first look at the gameplay and history of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy.

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Described as a single-player, third-person action adventure, players don the Star-Lord / Peter Quills jet boots as they traverse the galaxy with Groot, Gomorrah, Drax, Rocket, and Mantis. In the game, Peter will be accompanied by members of the Guardians at all times, and his companions will act as automatic AI companions.

“For the past few years, we have had the privilege of working on our version of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy and reimagine it in a single player third-person action-adventure game, “said Olivier Proulx, Senior Producer at Eidos-Montréal, on a deep behind-the-scenes dive into the game, also posted by Square enix. “It’s our new version of the Guardians, and something that’s really unique to our game is that you can be Peter Quill. As a Star-Lord, you’re constantly in the thick of the action as you try to lead this gang of misfits.”

The description of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy can be read below:

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Fire up Star-Lord’s jet boots for a wild ride through the cosmos in this third-person action-adventure game, a remake of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. With unpredictable Guardians by your side, fight your way from one explosive situation to another, with original and iconic Marvel characters caught in a fight for the fate of the universe. You got it. Probably.

Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy will be released on October 26, 2021 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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