Bethesda’s mysterious RPG Starfield has revealed both its first trailer and a 2022 release date, finally giving players details about its setting.

After much anticipation, Starfield It has been revealed at the Xbox E3 conference and it looks like the game will be a major change from the Bethesda RPG formula that fans have gotten used to. After a long cycle of Fall Y The old documents, Bethesda to introduce a third player to its acclaimed lineup with Starfield, a science fiction space RPG.

After years of rumors, Bethesda revealed Starfield at E3 2018. No specific details on the game were given at the time, sparking tons of speculation. Still, all these years later, despite numerous Starfield leaks, there has never been any real indication as to what the game is about or what the game entails. Now after all this time, Bethesda is finally ready to start talking about the long-awaited RPG and letting people know what. Starfield it is.

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Starfield launches on November 11, 2022 and follows a space traveler from an organization called Constellation and will give players a rich galaxy to explore. There is still a lot of mystery behind the game and some initiated They have suggested that there is more to the Xbox show that has not been leaked. For those hoping Tom Cruise will appear in Starfield After a recent rumor, it appears that he is not in the game or that Bethesda is only keeping it a secret for now. Starfield’s The trailer can be seen below.

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It is not impossible to imagine the Mission Impossible Star will appear in the game at some point, as he is a great player himself. It is quite surprising that Bethesda has given a specific date for Starfield with more than a year to go, but at least the fans know where to set their expectations now. Dice Starfield has been Bethesda’s flagship project for the past several years, it’s likely The Elder Scrolls 6 it’s still pretty far away, but hopefully the space RPG will be enough to help the fans.

As rumors have suggested, Starfield It will be an Xbox / PC exclusive and is the first of many following the acquisition of Bethesda’s former parent company, ZeniMax. Xbox will likely release Bethesda’s PS5 timed exclusives as well, Ghostwire: Tokyo Y Deathloop, later this year. The titles are expected to launch on Xbox in 2022 as well, which means Starfield It will be the first fully exclusive Bethesda title for Xbox / PC. Whether or not the game manages to make enough impact to become a full-length series like Fall or Ancient documents It remains to be seen, but it will surely be a huge achievement for Xbox Game Pass.

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