The trailer for Bethesda’s sci-fi RPG Starfield leaks ahead of the 2021 Xbox / Bethesda E3 presentation, revealing the game’s official release date.

A preview of Bethesda’s upcoming sci-fi RPG, Starfield, leaked online ahead of the 2021 Xbox / Bethesda E3 presentation.

From Bethesda Gaming Studios, the developer behind Skyrim Y Fallout 4, the trailer reveals that Starfield It will be released on November 11, 2022. Although the trailer was leaked early, Bethesda confirmed it in the E3 showcase on June 13. The Washington Post, the role-playing game will be available exclusively on PC and Xbox Series X | S.

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The trailer presents “a completely new universe that has been brewing for 25 years”, taking the viewer inside a ship known as “Constellation”. As the pilot walks through the ship, a voiceover says, “You are now part of Constellation, part of our family.” He continues: “We have reached the beginning of humanity’s final journey. That is why we are here, to discover what is out there.

Talking to The Washington Post, Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Game Director for Bethesda Softworks, said: “Starfield it is our first new universe in over 25 years. It’s a game we’ve dreamed of playing, and only now do we have the hardware, technology, and experience to push our creative limits even further. “

Howard continued, “Starfield is a next-generation role-playing game in which you will be whoever you want, go where you want, experience our stories and forge your own. More than that, Starfield it’s about hope, our shared humanity, and the search for answers to life’s greatest mysteries. “

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Bethesda first announced Starfield in 2018 with a trailer showing a small part of what players could expect from the sci-fi epic, though rumors about the game had been circulating since 2013.

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Fountain: The Washington Post, Youtube, via GameSpot

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