The DCEU is getting something of a soft reset in late 2022 in the form of The flash thanks to its premise based on the multiverse. Keaton and Affleck’s Batmen are going to repeat their versions of the superhero, with Robert Pattinson’s version of the Dark Knight in The batman existing on its own terms. DC Films described it as “Earth-2,” and since Matt Reeves is getting a planned trilogy and a live-action series from HBO GCPD, it seems like fans are getting something between Nolan’s universe and the full-blown DCEU. .

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The announcement of the GCPD series made it seem like there are more add-on projects in the works, which could mean more characters to populate this world. If things remain confined to Gotham but gradually introduce more than just Batman, the Knights of Gotham might be the best option.

8 Dick grayson cameo

Dick Grayson as Robin in the comics

Of course, it would be comics blasphemy if fans could see a live-action Gotham Knights, but still deny the inclusion of Dick Grayson, or Robin in general. Grayson was the original Boy Wonder and one half of the Dynamic Duo, so a Gotham Knights adaptation should include Batman’s right hand man.

The batman It’s still far enough away that no one can firmly say one way or another, but maybe it could introduce it through a cameo scene. Likewise, the GCPD live-action series to come later could include him in a small role to indicate a major role in the future. With potentially four Batman projects (trilogy + GCPD) focusing on Reeves’ universe to be planned, Grayson could be worked on early enough to facilitate theatrical sequels as Robin.

7 Robin in the sequel to Batman

Death of Flying Graysons

After a concise introduction of the character to eventually take up the mantle, Robin can do his thing in the first sequel to The batman. In this case, I would assume that Dick Grayson appears in the GCPD series. The latter could possibly show it during and after the mob orders the hit on his parents during The Flying Graysons performance, drawing inspiration from Batman: Dark Victory– with Dick turning into Robin in the middle of a second movie.

Having him as a catalyst for this hypothetical spin-off could be written to fit narratively and thematically. In the comics during the James Tynion IV movie. Detective comics Run, Tim Drake was a founding member of the Gotham Knights (as Red Robin), but surely creative liberties could be made in this universe.

6 Make Catwoman a Founding Member

Cover art for Batman / Catwoman # 1

Since the comic book movies largely deviate from the original materials and establish their own corners of the universe, Catwoman could be written as a member and founder of Gotham Knights. She will be a prominent supporting character in next year’s film, so there would be no stress in re-introducing another character later on.

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Selina Kyle could essentially fill a role similar to Kate Kane / Batwoman did as co-leader / founder alongside Batman for the team and training the younger members of the group. When it comes to working from the top down, having Batman and Catwoman as two big pieces together could be enough to move this team forward down the line.

5 Azrael as a reformed hero

Azrael in James Tynion IV's Detective Comics run

As in the mentioned detective Azrael also appears as a member of the Gotham Knights after escaping the brainwashing clutches of the Order of Saint Dumas. Jean-Paul Valley could be featured as a villain in a sequel to The batman under the control of the St. Dumas cult, which would continue the theme of corruption, before breaking with its psychological dominance.

From there, he could get his own spin-off before the team is formed. Or his next appearance could simply be in a Knights movie being recruited. Azrael would definitely be a surprising and exciting change of pace to suit a great live-action universe, as he is generally only well known within the comics fandom.

4 Robin spinoff

Robin in the Future State: Robin Eternal

Given Robin’s lack of on the big screen, he certainly deserves his time in the sun. He’s a great character in his own right and complements Batman in every way possible, being his emotional anchor in the process. The last time fans saw him theatrically was in 1997. Batman and robinBut given the modern power of the comic book genre in movies, creating a compelling version for these movies is not out of the question.

With skillful handwriting, you could still retain the endearing, charismatic, and “beacon of optimism” traits that Grayson especially has. Robin could have his own movie about conflicts that are unique to him and at the same time have the plot serve in part as a drum roll for a team.

3 Catwoman spinoff

Zoƫ Kravitz as Selina Kyle / Catwoman in The Batman

Of the characters that we know are appearing in this universe, and it is still quite early, Catwoman seems to be the most likely for a future spin-off movie. He’s a popular character and his brand should be more than enough to do well in a solo theatrical outing. Enough time has passed since the brutally received 2004 film that it has the right moment to shine again.

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It’s unclear where her moral lineup will go as the franchise continues – she currently appears to be a firmly anti-hero, but that’s something that could change with her character arc in this opening movie leading up to her own. Given that he could potentially be a senior member of Gotham Knights, his film could also transition his arc to put together a team, albeit indirectly.

two HBO Max Original Series or Movies

HBO Max logo and Spoiler, Orphan and Azrael in the comics

Part of DC Films’ plans in the future is to release six films a year, four of them theatrical and the other two HBO Max originals. Presumably, the HBO movies will be projects of a lower budget and more experimental nature. The last point could be a positive one, as it would involve a more interventionist approach on the part of executives and allow creatives to get bolder.

While theatrical, jester One could argue in favor of this, as it was essentially an experimental auteur film that had just starred in the Joker. These aspects could surely benefit HBO spin-off shows or movies about lesser-known supporting characters. Aside from Azrael, Cassandra Cain / Orphan and Stephanie Brown / Spoiler would be exciting candidates for their own projects.

1 Batman and robin

Dick Grayson as Robin alongside Batman

Another run up to Gotham Knights could manifest itself in the culmination of a possible theatrical movie “The Batman & Robin.” After taking the time for Grayson to go his own way through a second film, a third could have Robin share the title with the Dark Knight and act as a sort of tribute / redemption hybrid callback to the maligned 97 movie.

Surely it could finally be done right all these years later and the trilogy’s closer could leave the ending open to the other Gotham vigilantes to join in by making the dynamic duo decide and start building the bell tower. This would also allow the solo Batman portion of the franchise to rest again and further ration the focus on lesser-known characters.

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