Season 2, Episode 8 of Welcome to Demon School shares a glimpse into Iruma’s future in the demon world, and it may well be illustrious.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun, Episode 8, “The Miracle of Some Fools”, now broadcast on Crunchyroll.

The Evil Iruma Bow Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun he has done a great job so far in showing Iruma’s abilities as a great leader, and even as a great demon. But as the only human in the demon world, can Iruma really become the Demon King of the underworld? Season 2 Episode 8 strongly hints that this potential future for Iruma could come to pass.

This episode begins with the Misfit Class going to negotiate with Kalego for his signature. Kalego agreed that he would sign the transfer form once every faculty the school signs the form, however what the misfit class provided is each of the teacher signature – faculty also includes all staff, from librarians to custodians. Kalego tries to take this opportunity to show the misfit class that they are still too naive and don’t think about things enough.

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Fortunately, the janitor Iruma helped in Episode 7 shows up at Kalego’s office with his signed form. He heard Iruma talk about getting the teachers’ signatures and thought they might need his help. The custodian also brought the rest of the school staff and their signed forms.

Iruma has been regularly helping the staff with various odd jobs, and in the process he has become their friend, so when they hear that Iruma is in trouble, everyone is willing to help out. Seeing Iruma’s good works come to fruition in this way makes this a moving and uplifting scene to watch. In the end, it’s normal for Iruma’s kindness to trump the intriguing strategies that Evil Iruma had originally planned.

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This sudden turn of events has forced Kalego into a corner, now he has no choice but to reluctantly sign the transfer form. Everyone at Babyls is excited to witness the reopening of the Royal One, so they gather in front of the room and hold an impromptu festival to mark the occasion. As Iruma wished, the misfit class are now the heroes of the school and the student body no longer looks down on them.

Iruma takes the misfits to the Royal One and this classroom is more like a castle, with quirky decorations and even a second floor. While everyone is admiring the room, Iruma only has eyes for the former Demon King Derkila’s throne. Iruma goes to sit on the throne without hesitation, and for a moment, everyone in the Misfit Class stops moving, surprised by Iruma’s aura.

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This scene clearly points to Iruma as the future Demon King. By the way, the image of Iruma sitting on the throne is also the first image of the Demon King from Episode 1 of Season 1 of Welcome to Demon School! So there is almost no doubt that becoming the Demon King will be Iruma’s destiny. Obviously, there is still a long way to go for Iruma, but he has certainly shown potential as a compassionate and capable leader for all demons.

After all the commotion, Iruma has finally returned to his normal self, and he remembers everything he did while he was evil, and is rightly embarrassed. Iruma apologizes to everyone for causing so much trouble. While everyone is relieved to see Iruma return to normal, Evil Iruma has left behind a great gift from the Royal, so he will definitely be fondly remembered.

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