The Golden Girls came to an end when Bea Arthur, who played Dorothy Zbornak, walked away from the show, but why did she quit comedy?

The golden girls It ended because Bea Arthur decided to leave the show, but why did she quit comedy in the first place? The actress was among the comedy’s four titular actors, playing Dorothy Zbornak alongside Betty White’s Rose, Rue McClanahan’s Blanche and Estelle Getty’s Sophia. Unlike other sitcoms with multiple leads, The golden girls It was a true ensemble, as each character was central to the overall vibe of the show. So it was definitely a shock when Arthur announced that he would be walking away from the project, effectively setting its end.

Debuting in 1985, The golden girls followed the adventures of single, middle-aged women living together in Miami. For seven seasons, the series went through her everyday life, highlighting the delights and struggles of women her age, something that was unique and even modern during that time. Each character was charming and memorable in their own right: Dorothy was sarcastic and witty, Rose took a while to catch up but was kind and charming, Blanche was unapologetically sexual, and Sophia was wise and outspoken, almost to the end. Throughout his career, The golden girls it was an instant hit with critics and audiences alike. He addressed sensitive and controversial topics that added to his relationship with his viewers, which, in hindsight, was ahead of his time.

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But, all things must come to an end, at least that’s the beginning of Arthur when he announced that he was retiring his role as Dorothy in The golden girls. There were several reasons behind his decision; That includes feeling like the writers have done their best with the four main characters. According to the book “Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind Lanai“Written by Jim Colucci who interviewed 20 actors and members of the show’s crew, including Arthur, the actress felt that in recent years, the quality of the sitcom was beginning to wane. The Golden Girls was known for its strong narratives and she was just no longer impressed with how the episodes were unfolding and wanted to leave the show while it was still resonating with people. However, when asked about the same issue, White had a different opinion; she thought they ended The rest of the cast most likely felt the same way considering they fell behind and starred in the short-lived spin-off, The golden palace.

Rose Blanche Sofia and Dorothy from Golden Girls

The same reveal also revealed that Arthur was genuinely offended by how much the show made fun of his character. Colucci revealed that while White, Getty, and McClanahan were less staggered on below-the-belt banter when it came to their characters, their co-star ultimately ran into trouble. “Unfortunately, the things that were said about Dorothy was that she was big and ugly. And that wears off on an actress after a while. “ the author shared. Arthur’s son, Matthew Saks, endorsed the idea that his mother thought that “ideas had started to run out” in a separate interview with Closer (via Cheat sheet). But he also added that aging was also part of the reason the actress left. The golden girls. Arthur was in his early 70s when the comedy ended and it is understandable why he wanted to withdraw Dorothy and slow down; after all, filming an entire season of a 26-25 episode series is no easy task. Arthur died of lung cancer in 2009, just two and a half weeks before his 87th birthday.

Dorothy of Arthur, however, was ejected in a satisfactory manner in the final season of The golden girls. After years of dealing with her cheating husband, Stan, and struggling to navigate the dating scene, she was caught up in a whirlwind of romance and married Blanche’s uncle, Lucas Hollingsworth. The couple move to Atlanta. She appeared in a couple of episodes on The golden palace, but since the spin-off was not well received, it finally had to end after one season.

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