With its sitcom-drama setting and the story of a wife seeking to escape into an imaginary world, Kevin Can F ** k Himself could be the next WandaVision.

Next from AMC Kevin can fuck himself has the potential to be the next WandaVisionand here’s why. Created by Valerie Armstrong, the series will premiere on AMC’s main channel on June 20. It stars Annie Murphy (Schitt’s cove) as Allison Roberts, a bored suburban housewife who deals with the tedium and injustices of being the perfect wife in a sitcom.

Trailers and promotional material for the series have shown that, on the surface, it appears to have the three-camera setup and situational framework that many network sitcoms have, from King of queens to Family man. Allison is married to Kevin (Eric Petersen), a neglected and grown son who doesn’t seem to do a bit of housework and who prefers to play beer pong with his friends than celebrate his anniversary with his wife. It makes the viewer wonder what someone like Allison sees, who is pretty and smart and funny in a guy like Kevin. In other words, the conventional network sitcom framing of “hot and competent woman marries a chubby immature guy.”

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However, as the advancements also reveal, not everything is what it seems, and it is exactly what generates such strong comparisons with WandaVision. When Allison begins to question her existence and yearns to break free from the monotony of her life, she imagines the life she wishes she had and suddenly everything changes from the bright palette and three-camera setup of a network sitcom to colors. turned off. and single-camera focus of a gritty cable drama. Both Allison and Wanda live in two completely different worlds, one real and the other from their imagination. The contrast between the polished lives of sitcoms and the starkness of the outside world generates extreme visual shifts and tonal lashes that generate intrigue. Both wives use escapist fantasy to cope with the unpleasant realities they face, and the audience will surely be thinking about WandaVision all the time they look Kevin can fuck himself.

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What’s interesting, though, is that despite the incredibly similar surface settings of both shows, the main characters’ motivations couldn’t be more different. As such, the way their escapist fantasies (or in Scarlet Witch’s case, the escapist alternate reality) work are inverse of each other. For Wanda, the realities of the real world were too painful to bear, so she escaped the pristine, hygienic uniformity of a sitcom world, where everything is boringly predictable and no one dies. For Allison, the stagnant monotony of being a perfect, loving wife from the sitcom causes her to break down and free herself into a harsh “real” world where she can be messy and angry and have no expectations of her, even if it means experimenting. pain or chaos. . Wanda has seen too much; Allison has seen very little, but in both cases, each of them uses their imagined version of an idealized world as a refuge.

In a way, they could serve as perfect complements to each other, the TV series equivalent to a double movie. It would be an interesting experiment to watch one after the other to compare the approach each takes with the intellectual concept of sitcom alternating with stark drama. It will be equally interesting to see how Kevin can fuck himself explores the theme of a woman breaking free and taking control of her life, which was the most interesting part of the Marvel Disney + show. Such as WandaVision he simply used the sitcom / drama setting to explore Wanda’s grieving process, Kevin can fuck himself It would be smart to keep the focus on Allison’s emotional journey.

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