Let’s take a look at Long Zhu’s powers on Netflix’s Wish Dragon and how his true background helps Din make a crucial decision with his great wish.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Wish Dragon, which is now streaming on Netflix.

From Netflix Wish Continue is a retelling of the story of the genie in the bottle, with 19-year-old Din (Jimmy Wong) getting a magical Chinese teapot containing the wish dragon, Long Zhu (John Cho). The dragon is not initially as friendly as Aladdin’s Genie claims, but over time he and Din form a similar close bond.

However, the wish master is given a lot more nuance as Din explores what he wants for himself, so let’s take a look at Long’s powers and how his background influences youth.

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What powers does the dragon of wishes have?

Wish Dragon - Jimmy Wong as Din

When Din receives the kettle from a mysterious old man, he makes his first wish on the go while on the run from the thugs hunting the relic. However, he is nonchalant, as he does not believe that his invocation of Long is real, but when he gets his wish to be a kung fu master, Din begins to believe the hype. Long reaffirms that she can grant three wishes, but there are limitations.

You can’t travel back in time, kill people, or force people to fall in love, or even be friends. The latter is a cause for concern for Din, as she wants to reunite with her best friend, Li Na, after she left her poor community a decade ago. However, Din solves it by asking to be a modern prince for 24 hours, causing Long to become a human personal assistant, providing him with a stylish suit, car, and watch to woo Li Na at her birthday party.

The interesting thing is that with this wish, and the later and final one that Din makes to be permanently rich, Long shows another adjustment to his wish granting. He is not obliged to grant them instantly after Din says the magic words; he has the ability to pause the desire and consult with his teacher whether they really want this or not. He hasn’t used this on others, but he likes Din, so he shows him the truth about his own story to inform Din of his dying wish.

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What is the story of The Wish Dragon?

Wish Dragon - Long and Mrs. Song (Constance Wu)

Up to this point, Din thinks that Long is just a dragon who needs the teenager to grant him three wishes to free him from bondage. Din is his tenth and last teacher, and once this happens, Long’s soul can enter heaven. But the dragon admits that he altered his story only to hasten Din in wishes, all so that he could be free. In flashbacks, he shows Din that he was indeed a Chinese lord a millennium ago, but that being turned into a dragon after death was not a reward, it was a punishment.

He was a greedy gentleman who had 17 wives so that he could have countless children. His daughters were married so that he could expand his empire, while his only son died in the war due to Long’s obsession with gold. His vanity also made him pressure subjects to build him monuments and sadly, he didn’t care when they died, confirming that he was not benevolent, he was a tyrant.

Long Zhu ended up alone on his deathbed with no family or loyal subordinates there to comfort him, so the gods turned him into this dragon as penance. They hoped he could see how greed is indeed poison and after spending a thousand years trapped in bondage, thanks to Din, Long finally understands how it corrupts. More so, learn about Din’s true love and family. As such, he doesn’t want Din to repeat his mistakes, and after this history lesson, he’s ready to restart the desire if Din really wants to go the selfish path like he did.

Written and directed by Chris Appelhans, Wish Dragon stars the voice talents of Jimmy Wong, John Cho, Constance Wu, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Will Yun Lee, Jimmy O. Yang, Aaron Yoo, Bobby Lee, and Ronnie Chieng. It is currently streaming on Netflix.

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