Despite trying 90 Day Boyfriend hypnosis: Happily ever after? Angela Deem, who was denied a facelift thanks to her cigarettes, continues to smoke.

Angela Deem from 90 day fiancé Fame has been smoking for 40 years. Even after his weight loss surgery in August 2020, multiple clues reveal that he has not quit smoking yet. In episode eight of 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Angela tried hypnosis as a last resort to quit her smoking habit after Dr. Kashani told her it would cause an ulcer on her body. Additionally, Dr. David Saadat prevented Angela from undergoing a face lift. However, Angela smoking it “last cigarette” on WELL It was a lie. She is still huffing and puffing now, according to shocking photos posted by herself.

When Angela first visited her doctors in California the 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Dr. Kashani and Natasha Fett found a lighter and cigarettes in her bra bag. Dr. Kashani informed Angela about how smoking caused decreased blood flow and increased chances of infection. But Angela continued to smoke even just before undergoing her risky surgeries. Immediately after her operations, Angela lit her cigarette again. When Michael asked her to stop, she blamed stress. This week 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? The episode saw Angela name Michael as one of her triggers when she received hypnotherapy, but fans knew that was not the case.

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Popular 90 day fiancé star Angela Deem has revealed what he looks like after his weight loss surgery many times on Instagram. But over time, critics have been criticizing her for the fact that smoking affects her health and makes her look 80 instead of 55, despite the weight loss. However, many think that the hypnosis session may have helped Angela quit smoking, but Angela’s Instagram stories prove that it was not. Over the past weekend, Angela generated excitement by flirting with Dr. Kashani and spending time with Dr. Obeng while having fun with him in Los Angeles. At the party, Angela posted a photo of herself with two new friends and surprisingly a cigarette in hand.

Angela Deem Smoking Weight Loss Surgery Now at 90 Day Fiance

The next morning Angela drove down the freeway singing Stevie Nicks and 90 day fiancé Fans saw a cigarette in one of his hands while the other was on the wheel. A later story uploaded by Angie showed her encounter with Vanderpump Rules student Brittany Cartwright with cocktails and cakes. During this party, the camera again captured Angela in a very good mood with a box of cigarettes at her side. Additionally, Angela also made new friends who she partied with later. To no one’s surprise for now, the 90 day fiancé Star had a lit cigarette dangling from her fingers again.

Angela’s smoking habit since she was 13 has certainly affected her health. Fans have pointed out that she has revealed problems with her breathing 90 day fiancé. Your attempt to remove the “turkey gobble”It was nipped in the bud by Dr. Saadat, who left Angela as a patient. It is not yet known if Dr. Saadat performed the facelift on Angela later, but it is suspected that she may have had a facelift. In that case, it is 90 day fiancé Star Angela intentionally posing with cigarettes in her Instagram photos to fool fans, when is it possible that she has abandoned them forever?

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