30-year-old singer Jane Marczewski hit the America’s Got Talent stage and called herself “Nightbirde.” Here is the reason behind the nickname.

When Jane Marczewski walked up to him America has talent stage, he told the judges that when he sings, he calls himself “Nightbirde. “Now, we have information on why the singer uses the unique name. The 30-year-old’s audition went viral online. Since then, many of her songs have reached the top 100 on Apple Music. With a name like Nightbirde and an angelic voice like hers has already proven to be an unforgettable contestant this season.

During her audition, Jane sang her original song “It’s OK”, inspired by her battle with cancer, for the judges. She has quickly risen to America has talent recognition, although the season has only a few episodes. Although her song was trying to be okay, Judge Howie Mandel said her audition was “More than good” And called him “The most authentic thing I have heard this season.” Sofia Vergara described her performance as beautiful and heartfelt and said the singer was overall amazing.

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This Golden Buzzer winner gave herself the nickname Nightbirde after a nightly encounter with birds by her window. He said that for many nights in a row he dreamed that birds were singing outside his room in the dark. The first two times it happened, Jane was asleep. But the third time, it was reality. “The birds were singing as if it were morning, but there were still no signs of light and I wanted to embody that.” she said. “To be someone who could sing in a dark moment because he was so full of hope and assurance that one morning would come.”

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Throughout the series, several other contestants have used stage names while performing. Eccentric opera singer John Quale adopted the pseudonym Prince Poppycock when he performed as the monarch of a fantastic kingdom in season five. Stephen Wright called himself Stevie Starr the professional regurgitator when he swallowed and gagged everyday objects for the judge’s viewing pleasure. John van der Put disguised himself as a magical creature called Piff the Magic Dragon. Tape Face calls himself Sam Willis when he’s not doing prop comedy, and comedian Syd the Kid got rid of the nickname when he grew up and became the actress known as Sydney Park.

With Nightbirde’s soft-spoken singing style and empowering life story, it’s no surprise. America has talent fans already love her. Simon described his voice as “absolutely awesomeBefore I send it straight to the live shows. Terry Crews told him: “You are the voice we all need to hear this year.” Among all the comments from the judges describing her, we can expect Nightbirde to get a lot more praise this season.

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