The horror vampire shooter is coming exclusively to next-gen Xbox consoles.


Arkane Studios has presented its next project at Redfall, an open-world cooperative shooter game that modernizes vampire lore for a new era. The next FPS will be released exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PC next summer.

During the finale of its E3 presentation, Xbox had one more trick up its sleeve when Phil Spencer announced the development of the next Arkane Studios project, Redfall. The first trailer features a fresh and stylistic take on vampires that sees players hunt them down as a diverse group of original characters with unique abilities. Trapped on an island besieged by blood-sucking monsters, players will have to team up with others to save the city and save themselves. No game is featured in the ad, but the first-person gameplay is supposed to resemble other Arkana Studios titles.


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Famous for its Dishonor franchise, Arkane Studios has been taking a turn towards new original games lately. Deathloop is another next-gen shooter that is coming sooner rather than later, and while its gameplay looks quite familiar, it’s a fresh, original property that sets itself apart from other titles. The announcement of Redfall shows that they are interested in creating new IPs that drive innovation rather than going for proven franchises. Bethesda has come under fire for doing the latter, but Arkane Studios remains a bright spot for the recently acquired company.

Here is the official synopsis of Redfall:

“The picturesque island town of Redfall, Massachusetts, is besieged by a legion of vampires who blocked the sun and cut off the island from the outside world. Caught with a handful of survivors against diabolical enemies that threaten to bleed the town, choose your hero from a diverse roster, teaming up with others to create the perfect team of vampire hunters. “

Redfall comes exclusively to Xbox Series X | S and PC in Summer 2022. Check out the announcement trailer below:

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