Catwoman may be one of the biggest thieves in the DC Universe, but she still has some strange weaknesses that the Dark Knight is happy to exploit.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Dear DC Super Villains!

Batman has faced Catwoman many times with different results, but in a graphic novel, he stopped her with her most ridiculous weakness. Dear DC Super Villains reveals that Catwoman has more weaknesses than fans previously thought. They are also incredibly dumb and you probably wouldn’t want to admit you have them. Naturally, only Batman knows them and exploits them effectively.

Catwoman debuted in 1940 and has long served as a thief cat for Batman to thwart, or as an anti-heroine who assists him at times. She is also Batman’s main love interest, and the two come close to marriage in a recent comic story. They know so much about each other that it’s hardly surprising that Batman has some unique tricks up his sleeve that are specially designed to stop her.

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Created by Michael Northrop, Gustavo Duarte, Cris Peter, and Wes Abbott, Dear DC Super Villains finds Catwoman in the middle of one of her robberies. It also places her on the Legion of Doom roster. Usually her alter ego is largely a gimmick revolving around her love of cats, though it also speaks to Catwoman’s personality and especially her intense desire for independence. In this graphic novel, Selina’s codename gets quite literal, creating weaknesses that are particularly hilarious. Batman knows that the way to distract Catwoman and stop her villains is to employ the same methods as cat owners around the world, brandishing a “laser-pointer-bat” to distract your feline opponent.

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During her heist, law enforcement officials on the scene try to stop Catwoman from using catnip. While this can be effective for normal cats, Selina is far from normal. The only one who knows what works effectively is Batman, who reveals that the fatal feline’s weakness is laser pointers and boxes. During the heist, Batman pulls his trusty bat laser pointer out of his tool belt and Selina’s entire demeanor changes. He is no longer able to carry out his plans. Later, while Catwoman tries to get Lex Luthor out of Blackgate Penitentiary, Batman sets up a Bat-Box. This is nothing more than a standard cardboard box with your logo on it. However, it is very effective, since Selina cannot resist climbing inside.

While this is largely silly, there are some interesting points below. The first is that only Batman knows what really works when it comes to Selina. Although catnip is generally perceived as a safe way to get a cat’s attention, it doesn’t work at all on this cat thief. Batman not only knows that cat owner methods are exploitable; he knows which ones are the best and has already planned them. This is not a new tactic that you are trying, you are prepared because this has all happened before, probably numerous times. The second interesting thing to note is that this is strange even for the Dark Knight.

When Selina sits on the box without any fighting, Batman can’t resist asking how strange this behavior is. He asks her if she knows that she is human like him, as this is not normal human behavior. Arguably, neither of them dress up as a giant bat and carry private label laser pointers and cardboard boxes. If Catwoman is affected by the stereotypical weaknesses of cats and they are so close that Batman knows it, one cannot help but wonder what bat weaknesses Bruce may have that Selina could exploit. Catwoman‘s Dear DC Super Villains The weaknesses are really ridiculous, but the fact that only Batman knows how to exploit them shows just how much their bond has become a defining concept for both characters.

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