Nickelodeon’s hit children’s comedy icarly it debuted in September 2007 and ran for five seasons through fall 2012. During that time, it garnered mixed reviews from critics, but a wave of appreciation and admiration from the public. The 2010 episode, “iSaved Your Life,” reached 11.2 million viewers on its premiere date, making it the second-most-watched television broadcast in Nickelodeon’s storied past.

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With Netflix recently adding the series to its lineup, there is likely to be a resurgence in popularity, mostly due to the audience that grew with the show now revisiting it. A revival was indefinite, and with the new show’s premiere on June 17, there are many questions about it. icarly characters that will hopefully be answered in the new Paramount + series.

10 Where is Gibby?

Stars Miranda Cosgrove, Jerry Trainor, and Nathan Kress are now set to star in the revival, but one question fans have had since the show’s announcement is whether the energetic and ever-confident Gibby will return as well.

Noah Munck, who played the character on the original series, is currently a supporting cast member on the ABC sitcom. The GoldbergsAnd since he still has one foot in the world of television, it could be assumed that he will make some kind of cameo. So far, Munck has not commented on whether or not it will be included.

9 What happened to the Web Show?

Miranda Cosgrove in orange on the set of the new iCarly show celebrating with a cake and a banner

The central focus of icarly it has always been the titular web show started by Carly de Cosgrove and her best friend, Sam Puckett. In the last episode of the show’s original run, the web show was interrupted while Carly was traveling to Italy with her father. Fans can’t help but wonder if Carly ever returned to continue the popular show, or if he was dumped altogether.

8 Will Freddie and Carly end up together?

The main romance on the show came from Nathan Kress’s Freddie and his obsession with Carly. They ended the series on a touching note with Carly confessing her love for her friend and the two sharing a touching moment in Carly’s studio.

We know that the rebirth will take place 10 years after the end of the original and that Carly will reconnect with her friends, but fans aren’t sure if the romance between the two will continue or if it will be abandoned altogether.

7 Has Spencer been successful?

Spencer holding one of her artwork that is on fire in iCarly

Spencer was by far the best character in icarly. His consistent positive attitude and childish antics only fueled his passion for becoming a well-paid, popular entertainer. It seems like, in the brief previews we’ve gotten so far of the revival, Spencer has had some success. Still, have you achieved your ultimate goal of being recognized as a professional artist or have you made money at other companies?

6 Where has Nevel been?

Nevel wearing a gray suit and smiling

The web critic and host of was the definitive villain of icarly. Fans were excited to see the character played by Reed Alexander appear in the revival, although the type of person he has become is currently unknown.

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Perhaps you’ve achieved your dream of owning a men’s haberdashery, or, more likely, you’re still on your quest to get rid of Carly and the fame she gained from the web show.

5 Does Spencer have a family of her own?

Carly’s brother, Spencer, has a number of romantic interests throughout icarly, including a mention in the final episode about a woman named Audrey, who was apparently the only girl Spencer had truly loved.

Fans are wondering if Spencer will have a family of her own in the revival, if Audrey is rumored to be a part of it, and how Carly will react to her brother’s family life.

4 Carly and Spencer’s mom

Featured iCarly Revival Summer Premiere

Ms. Shay is not named or seen in the entire Nickelodeon show, and her father, Colonel Shay, is only seen on camera in the last episode.

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With such an odd relationship between Carly and Spencer and their parents, it seems like television gold to delve into the family’s history and give us an answer on where their mother is.

3 Will any other Nick shows be referenced?

Taking place within a shared Nickelodeon universe, there were many characters, brands, and locations that had crossovers with icarly. Famously, Carly and her friends met the cast of Victorious in a three-part TV movie, and characters from other popular Nick hits like Drake and Josh Y Zoey 101 he also had cameos. Fans can only hope that this kind of crossover event takes place during revival.

two Guest stars

Michelle Obama on Nickelodeon's iCarly.

Carly, Sam, and Freddie met a handful of celebrities during their time hosting their web show. One Direction, Emma Stone, First Lady Michelle Obama, and even Kenan Thompson made appearances during the show’s run, proving that the show had appeal beyond being strictly kid-friendly. Fans are wondering if more stars will get guest spots in the revival or if we’ll just stick with the main cast.

1 Where is Sam?

The question every icarly fan asked once revival was announced was answered from the beginning; Sadly, Sam Puckett will not appear in the Paramount + sitcom. Jeannette McCurdy has retired from the business and has publicly stated that she will not return to icarly for the simple fact that she didn’t like acting.

But the question remains: where is Sam? Given that she was such a popular character and a close friend of both Carly and Freddie, hopefully at least a brief mention of Carly’s former co-host, but what part of her story after icarly ‘Will the ending be revealed?

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