While seeking to capture the advisor, Miles Morales’ kidnapper, Tony Stark admits that before he was Iron Man, he was a greedy and amoral villain.

Warning! Spoilers for Annual Iron Man # 1 below!

Tony Stark has always had his demons, but in a new issue, Iron Man admitted that he used to be a villain. While trying to locate and capture Miles Morales’ former abductor, the Advisor, circumstances bring up Tony’s traumatic origin story that led to the creation of the first life-changing Iron Man suit. As he takes on the Advisor’s henchman and the hired supervillains, Tony admits that sadly he used to be the type of villain he’s now fighting against.

Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Larry Lieber, and Don Heck, Tony appeared in Tales of Suspense # 39 (1963) where he was injured testing a new weapon for the Vietnam War. Taken captive by enemy insurgents, Tony was paired with fellow prisoner intellectual Ho Yinsen and ordered to make weapons for them. With time running out, Tony and the recognized physicist created a device to prevent shrapnel in Tony’s body from killing him, but also a powerful advanced armor to help them escape. Although the lawsuit was successful, Yinsen sacrificed himself so that Tony could live while taking revenge on his kidnappers and escaping. After his return to the United States, Tony would continue to upgrade his suit as Iron Man, who would become a famous hero, and Avenger while reconsidering his company’s policy on the construction and distribution of weapons. From 2008 Iron Man adapted this origin story, changing the location of the Vietnam War to Afghanistan and its enemy from the Vietnamese terrorist Wong-Chu to Raza, the terrorist leader of the Ten Rings.

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On Annual Iron Man # 1 By Jed MacKay and Ibraim Roberson, Tony’s breakup with Miles Morales after his team turns personal when he learns of Spider-Man’s traumatic abduction and torture at the Advisor’s request. Using his resources to track down the Advisor’s headquarters, Tony hits the base like a wrecking ball, deactivating heavily armed lackeys and taking on supervillains like Quantum because Miles’s story brings back traumatic memories of Tony’s past. As he is challenged by the Advisor’s tests of his armor and capabilities, Tony remembers the cave in Vietnam and admits he belonged there. I was as much a warlord as Wong-Chu, in my own way. “

Much of Tony’s anger and guilt comes directly from the knowledge that he created weapons that killed people. He knowingly created weapons and sent them out into the world, valuing the following income more than the lives ruined or lost as a result. Somehow, Tony Stark died in those days that he spent in that cave, since the person who emerged with that original Iron Man suit could no longer ignore the blood on his hands. Despite his professional and personal setbacks, Tony strove to do better both with Stark Industries and individually, making his career as Iron Man his form of yellow and red redemption. Other versions of Tony like his Axis-I invested They have shown that without the trauma, he would have remained the same ruthless and indifferent businessman.

The reason the Advisor has Tony so angry is that Miles is a good person who didn’t deserve the trauma they inflicted on him and Tony wants to equal the odds by doing what he does best, burning the evil men’s bunkers to the ground. when they leave too. far. After surviving his trials and defeating Quantum, Tony recognizes that the Advisor is a form of advanced AI and cuts off his means of escape. Iron Man He enacts his own personal justice by unloading the Advisor into his own system, sharing his personal trauma by imprisoning him in his own cave to reflect on the error of his ways.

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