Before TVA made its MCU debut in Loki, the face of Time Variance Authority in the comics was Justice Peace, Marvel’s answer to Judge Dredd.

The latest entry to the Marvel Cinematic Universe has finally arrived in the form of Loki, the Disney + series that sees the titular villain caught up in the machinations of the Time Variance Authority. As much as it is in the Marvel Universe comic, this strange organization has been tasked with keeping all timelines in all realities safe from those who would interfere with them, and to that end they have recruited some towering operatives. . While Agent Mobius may be the somewhat friendly face of the organization in the MCU, the first TVA agent from the Marvel Universe was Justice Peace, a stern-faced gunman who is Marvel’s effective response to Judge Dredd.

When it was first introduced in 1986 Thor # 371 by Walter Simonson and Sal Buscema, Justice Peace had been sent to the present to prevent the rise of Zaniac, an entity that had assassinated the mayor of Brooklinópolis in the future and caused World War VII. Hailing from the huge city of Brooklynopolis in the style of Mega-City One, Justice Peace had a vested interest in the case. But when Thor got in his way, the judge didn’t hesitate to fight back.

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Right from the start, Justice Peace’s analogous relationship with Judge Dredd was evident, from his very specific style of futuristic gaze to his jealous devotion to the law and even his name, despite Justice Peace having long avoided the aspects. most gruesome of the law. character who inspired him. In fact, most of Justice Peace’s most memorable moments have seen him as far removed from Judge Dredd as one could be while retaining the same status as an obvious tribute.

Justice Peace has not only fought the God of Thunder in the pursuit of justice, he has also hunted down and apprehended the Fantastic Four when they posed a danger to the time stream.

She also turned her attention to another former Fantastic Four member in the “She-Hulk Trial” where she was arrested in 2005. She hulk # 1 by Dan Slott and Juan Bobillo. That story saw the titular heroine pulled away from her day job as a lawyer to be carried out on a ‘time trial’ at the request of the Time Variation Authority. Justice Peace was sent to get Jennifer Walters back, but he and his partner, Justice Love, were also tasked with bringing her back when she tried to alter the timeline by warning Hawkeye of her impending demise. Even if She-Hulk’s own trial turned into violence, the fact that so little was instigated by Justice Peace only further separates him from Judge Dredd, no matter how the two are physically alike.

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While there is no indication that Justice Peace will make an appearance in the Loki series, that doesn’t mean its presence in the comics has been less impactful in TVA’s relatively rare comic book appearances.

However, his no-nonsense approach to keeping the flow of time organized lives on in the spirit of the Hunters and the other TVA enforcers in the MCU. But since this series is still going on, there’s still all the time for this TVA agent to bring his mark of justice to the MCU in person.

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