Immortal Hulk has almost another brush with mortality when he takes on his former partner Black Panther in Marvel Comics’ Immortal Hulk # 47.

Warning: Important spoilers for The immortal Hulk # 47!

Before ending his Eisner Award nominated run at Marvel Comics’ The immortal Hulk, writer Al Ewing (Gamma Flight, Guardians of the Galaxy) and artist Joe Bennett (Secret empire, The gang) deliver fans an impressive comic book showdown between Helmet Y Black Panther. Black Panther seems to believe that he has what it takes to defeat the Hulk, and the latest issue in the series proves that he is right.

The immortal Hulk Issue 47, titled “Chaotic Terrain,” sees the titular green goliath take on his former teammates, the Avengers, in the heart of Manhattan in New York City. As a result of past actions in Iowa, the Hulk and a transformed Betty Ross, also known as Harpy, face off against current Avengers Captain America, Iron Man, Blade, Thor, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and Bruce Banner’s cousin Jennifer Walters. , also known as Ella. -Helmet. After the Hulk quickly tosses Avengers Blade and Thor aside with relative ease, Black Panther takes his turn to enter the ring with the raging beast. While T’Challa may have tried to reason with the monster in the past to avoid a bloody confrontation, Panther’s patience with the Hulk has reached its climax.

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When the Hulk turns his damaged arm into tentacles and attacks his rival Avenger Thor, Black Panther takes the opportunity to cut off the Hulk’s arm. Lacking an appendage, the Hulk finds himself at a momentary disadvantage, which is all T’Challa needs. Rather than matching the Hulk with brute force, Panther relies primarily on his speed and timing to prove he’s a worthy match against the green goliath. Before the monster can even regain its balance for a moment, T’Challa proceeds to strike down the Hulk with utter ferocity and aggression to stay away from his heroic comrades. In a surprising move, Black Panther employs a Kimoyo energy dagger that manages to knock Bruce down for the moment. However, before T’Challa has a chance to finish off his adversary for good, Black Panther’s teammate She-Hulk has a shift in consciousness. Jennifer intervenes and allows the Hulk and his companions to escape to safety in Brooklyn, outside the jurisdiction of Black Panther and the Avengers.

The immortal Hulk Surprisingly, it is not a comic book series with a misleading title intended to sell books. Almost every issue in the comic features the Hulk on the brink of death, either battling Fantastic Four member The Thing or the Gamma-powered U-Foes, before evolving into a new state of being. Even if the Hulk can temporarily die, the creature will live and return possibly even stronger in the next issue. There should be no threat capable of defeating this incarnation of the Hulk, but T’Challa is no ordinary enemy.

During the climactic battle of New York City, there is no other Avenger who makes the Hulk have a more difficult time than Black Panther. Though he may lack Thor’s cosmic power or She-Hulk’s brute strength, T’Challa’s ability to calculate events and read his opponents’ movements is unmatched, even to the Hulk. This is the same Black Panther who recently conceived a device capable of taking down the Phoenix Force, while ruling his own galactic empire. The fact that Black Panther only wears his suit and a dagger into battle shows that he is confident that he doesn’t need anything else to take down the Hulk. And without Jennifer’s intervention that allows the Immortal hulk to escape, the Black Panther It would be good.

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