Horror movies are some of the most cited forms of entertainment; even those who have never sat down to see one are familiar with some of the most famous quotes. With a fanbase as strong as horror, people would be hard-pressed not to listen to at least one horror quote a day online, even if they don’t know it. There are apparently an infinite number of horror movies, so naturally there are a lot of not-so-well-known quotes.

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Even famous movies have a cool quote or two that are dwarfed by the most popular ones. Horror hounds may have these lesser-known quotes in their vocabulary, but the general movie-going crowd is missing out on not using these lines in their casual discussions.

10 “I shot him six times!” – Dr. Loomis (Halloween II)

Dr. Lumis uttering a famous line from the second Halloween movie.

The end of the original Hallowe’en it is one of the most chilling of all horrors. After being shot and falling off a balcony, Michael Myers is missing, hinting that he is still out there. John Carpenter never intended to make a sequel, but when he finally did in 1981, an incredibly hysterical Dr. Loomis shares with various people exactly how many times he filmed The Shape.

This line was one of the first uttered in the first trailer for the film and was repeated many times by fans. The once cool and collected doctor is now as frantic as his patients and seems to be a great nuisance to poor Sherrif Bracket.

9 “New World of Gods and Monsters” – Dr. Pretorius (Bride Of Frankenstein)

Before the MCU, there were the Universal Monster movies. Universal wasn’t planning on crossing over their favorite monsters at first, but, starting with Frankenstein meets the werewolf, the mixture of monsters and the cinematic universe was born.

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Before this, however, there seemed to be some ominous, if unintended, foreshadowing of these events. On Bride of frankenstein, the sinister Dr. Pretorius has taken Victor Frankenstein’s work a little further, creating life rather than resurrecting it. He really feels that he and Dr. Frankenstein are gods, which prompted him to take the haunting line.

8 “I Have the Brain” – Freddy Krueger (A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge)

Freddy Kreuger in the second Nightmare on Elm Street movie.

Fans have always been divided on the first elm street sequel, but love it or hate it, no one can argue that there are several memorable moments. One of those moments is when Freddy confronts Jessie and lets her know why she has been chasing him.

He plans to use Jesse as his ship in the real world, and tells Jesse that he will be the brain of the operations while literally exposing the brain of the operation. This gruesome scene often tops the list of great Freddy moments, however the accompanying line is usually overshadowed by other great Freddy phrases. Although he may not be the best, he definitely deserves more love.

7 “I never drink … wine” – Count Dracula (Dracula)

The movie that started Universal’s monster craze was Dracula released in 1931. Bela Lugosi’s iconic spin as the Count is arguably the most famous version of the character. He brings a sinister and unpretentious presence, which was evident in the dinner scene with Renfield early in the film.

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When asked whether or not he would like to drink, he gives the line that cunningly hints at his vampirism. This is just the beginning of an incredibly played role, and this is just one of many fantastic lines. The line was referenced in the biographical film. Ed wood, but it’s still underrated for those outside of the horror community, which is a shame.

6 “He’s still there” – Alice Hardy (Friday the 13th)

While it is not as iconic as other lines in the Friday the 13th series, this last line is the first time that the public felt the need to look around any corner for Jason Voorhees. After the famous end of the stinger, the last girl Alice hardy wakes up in a hospital room.

While she was assured that the boy who attacked her was only a dream, she was convinced that he is real and is still in the lake. While most agree that this jump of fear was a dream, she was absolutely correct that Jason, once dead, was lurking in the woods around Crystal Lake and, just a year later, would be unleashed by complete, effectively changing the horror forever.

5 “My mom and dad are going to be so mad at me” – Stu Macher (Scream)

Stu Macher from the Scream movie series.

Easily some of the most cited horror lines come from the classic meta slasher. He shouted. Since the release of the first movie, horror fans constantly ask others what their favorite horror movies are in a husky voice or announce how dizzy they are. However, a criminally overlooked line is one of the funniest.

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During the thrilling climax, one of the people behind Ghostface, Stu, clings to life. He asks if Sidney actually called the police, admitting he’s just scared by how angry his parents will be with him. He shouted It definitely has some comedic elements, but this impromptu line is one of the standouts.

4 “I’ll See Ya Soon” – Bludworth (Final Destination)

Any horror fan will sing Tony Todd’s praises to anyone who hears him. Although it is essentially a cameo, it has appeared in three of the five Final destination movies like William Bludworth, providing the voice of an amusement park ride in the third movie.

Bludworth is the coroner who reveals that the main cast cheated on Death, and is determined to finish the job. The sinister line is the last one in the first movie, and it looks creepy for no reason. Many fans theorized that Tony Todd is actually Death, and disturbing lines like this, or the fact that he knows everything about death, seem to point to this theory having some validity.

3 “Death has come to your little town” – Dr. Loomis (Halloween)

Dr. Loomis from the original Halloween movie.

Most of Dr. Loomis’ dialogue in the original Hallowe’en warns those around him about the evil of Michael Myers. Many, if not all of these lines are contenders, but the warning he gives to Sherrif Bracket is one of the best that is least talked about.

He says on more than one occasion that Michael is not human, referring to him as “just evil.” While desperately alerting Sherrif Bracket to the monster on the loose in Haddonfield, he simply refers to it as death, which is incredibly appropriate. Even in the minor films of the franchise, Donald Pleasance and his speeches are always the highlight.

two “They’re All Messsed Up” – Local (Night of the Living Dead)

One of the things that made George Romero Night of the Living Dead so iconic was how real it felt. The movie was made for next to nothing, so they couldn’t afford top-notch celebrities. Much of the movie featured the characters watching news broadcasts showing the zombie epidemic, and one of those broadcasts featured a local being interviewed, simply saying how “messy” they were.

This comic installment is famous in the horror community, but it can also be seen as terrifying when viewed as a real interview. Zombies, as fans know today, didn’t exist yet, so simply saying they’re messed up seems like a logical, albeit simplified, response to the carnage that is occurring.

1 Opening Monologue (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)

The classic slasher The The massacre in Texas has been applauded over the years for his courageous performance. The movie was on a very low budget, so the amateurish tone of the movie actually adds to the unnerving feeling that audiences feel while watching.

The movie begins with text on a black background with a creepy-sounding narrator. There are no sounds other than the voice, which perfectly captures the strange and creepy feeling that the rest of the film has. There are no startles, no opening deaths, not even music, just the terrible feeling that something bad is going to happen, and this is just the first scene of a movie full of dread and mayhem.

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