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The Seven, the superhero team at the Amazon hub Boys, were conceived in comic book form with direct parallels to DC’s Justice League. Homelander is an evil Superman, Black Noir is an even cooler and more mysterious Batman, Queen Maeve is a Wonder Woman analog, The Deep is a less useful Aquaman, A-Train is as selfless a place as The Flash, and so on.

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But in the era of the MCU, the satire of Amazon’s television adaptation has become closer to Marvel’s Avengers. There was even an open mockery of EndgameA-Force moment with Seven’s “Girls Get It Done” tagline in season two.

10 Most of them abuse their powers

All seven of the boys

The central thesis in Boys is that, if superheroes were real, two shoes like Steve Rogers would not be good; they would be totalitarians like Homelander who abuse their powers.

While major Marvel and DC superhero stories rarely delve into the notion that sheer power absolutely corrupts, Boys has given this concept a revealing focus.

9 They are more interested in publicity than saving people

Maeve and Homelander

Since the Seven are sponsored by a large corporation, saving people is not their top priority. Rather, it is considered more important to protect Vought’s corporate interests and maintain a positive image with the public.

With each member of the Seven desperately trying to cover up a long history of misgivings, their beleaguered PR representatives have a lot of work ahead of them.

8 They all have dark secrets

While the Avengers have a more or less clean slate, as far as we know, the Seven have really dark secrets that they are desperate to keep the public from uncovering.

The Deep is a sexual predator, Homelander is a rapist and murderer, and Queen Maeve let the passengers of Transoceanic Flight 37 die horribly. Every couple of episodes, a member of the Seven is presented with a damning video that could end their career.

7 Your work environment is extremely toxic

Chace Crawford as The Deep in The Boys

The Avengers are more of a family than a workforce. They are happy to spend endless hours going over each battle strategy, such as Endgameis the planning sequence of “Time Heist”, and they will always provide a shoulder to cry or listen to the problems of others.

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In contrast, Seven’s work environment is extremely toxic. For starters, everyone is terrified of Homelander. The Seven can hardly stand each other, their friendships are quite a show.

6 They all got their powers from a corporation that drugged them when they were kids

At the beginning of Boys, Vought maintains the claim that superheroes are born with their powers. However, midway through the first season, it is revealed that all of America’s heroes gained their powers by being drugged with Compound V during their childhood. The Vought Corporation makes shady deals with parents to drug their children and make them survivors.

In this sense, all members of the Seven have essentially the same origin story. The Avengers, however, all have different origins: Iron Man created his own suit, Cap received the Super Soldier Serum, Thor is a literal god, Hulk was exposed to gamma radiation, etc.

5 They star in their own movies

Vought Studios The Seven Cinematic Universe VCU The Boys

While there are many movies starring the Avengers in the real world, Earth’s mightiest heroes don’t star in their own movie franchises within the fictional universe, because they’re too busy being superheroes. In the world of Boys, superheroes star in their own movies for the Vought Cinematic Universe.

Captain America was initially a propaganda tool in WWII, but after becoming a full-blown superhero, he never performed again. All the supes in Boys, on the other hand, are essentially company-sponsored products. They spend more time filming their movies than in the field, saving lives.

4 They kill without regrets

It’s not common for superheroes to kill innocents without remorse, but it happens a lot in Boys. Whenever an Avenger accidentally allows innocent people to die in the MCU, like Wanda at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, they feel really bad about it.

The Seven, however, don’t care too much if they kill innocent people. A-Train cruelly jokes about running through Robin. Of course, his death was an accident, but it’s still a disaster to joke about it.

3 None of them are particularly heroic (except Starlight)

The Boys Season 2 Homelander and Starlight

While the Avengers are genuine heroes who have given up their personal lives and dedicated themselves to a life of heroism, no one in the Seven is particularly heroic except Starlight.

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The Seven received their first dose of heroism when he joined the team. Unlike the rest of her fellow heroes, Starlight actually does her best to save people and wants to help them, whether there are news cameras present or not.

two They believe in the myth that they are gods among mortals

The boys: what are the real names of the seven

In the real world, there is much discussion about superheroes being the modern equivalent of gods from ancient folklore. Inside the world of Boys, Seven are treated like gods and they buy into that myth and believe that they are above the normal people that they are supposed to protect.

Steve Rogers is admirably humble, but Homelander is a murderous sociopath with delusions of grandeur backed by his immense strength, which is probably more realistic.

1 Their leader doesn’t really care about them

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Steve Rogers would do anything for his fellow Avengers. Leading the team became his top priority after several decades on the ice left him without friends or family, and he was a great leader because he cared about everyone on the team.

Homelander, on the other hand, couldn’t care less about the rest of the Seven. He only cares about them if they come close to usurping him.

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