Thor has a long history in Marvel Comics, having first appeared in Journey to Mystery # 83 in 1963 by Don Rico, Hy Rosen, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and Larry Lieber. Since then he has become a founder Avenger, protector of the planets of the cosmos and one of the most powerful heroes of Marvel.

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However, questions began to arise in all that time. Some factoids get lost in an avalanche of obscure Thor or Avengers, and readers can be left confused about how certain things came to be on the Thor side of the Marvel Universe. Who Killed Thor? Have you ever lifted other hammers? What is your connection to Donald Blake?

10 Who has killed Thor in the comics? Thor has been killed by numerous figures

Gorr the butcher god

Marvel heroes who die and then come back to life are far from a new concept. However, Thor has a unique case, as he is an Aesir and is therefore trapped in the endless cycle of Ragnarok. In fact, he has died multiple times in the comic book continuity, and various figures have killed him.

Technically, he nearly died when killed by the snake Jormungandr at the end of Walt Simonson’s legendary career in Thor. Thor was smashed by Michael Korvac in the Avengers, and Eric Masterson as Thor turned to glass and shattered by Thanos armed with the Infinity Gauntlet. Thor technically died during the final Ragnarok when he defeated Those Who Sit in the Shadows. Later he died fighting his uncle Cul, God of fear, during Fear itself. The Odinson came out fighting alongside Hyperion when the Beyonders invaded during Time is running out. Eric Masterson, who later became Thunderstrike, committed suicide to remove corruption from the Bloodaxe. Red Norvell, another person who became Thor, was killed by Donald Blake. Finally, King Thor, the most powerful Thor that exists in the distant future at the end of time, died while slaying Gorr the God-Butcher for the last time.

9 What is your connection to Donald Blake? Your connection is long and complex

Thro Donald Blake World Tree 1

Originally, Donald Blake was a person who found an enchanted stick in a cave. The stick promised to give its wielder the power of Thor provided he was struck to the ground three times. He was attacked by stone aliens known as Kronans (think Korg from Thor: Ragnarok), and Blake hit the ground with the stick and became Thor for the first time. Thor spent years connected with Donald Blake, the two swapping places as needed. It was revealed that this relationship was created so that Odin could teach Thor humility. The downside was that if Thor loses control of Mjolnir for a full minute, he goes back to Donald Blake. Other heroes assumed the mantle of Thor for a time during this period, including Eric Masterson and Red Norvell, but they retained their personalities and did not become a traditional Thor. After the final Ragnarok, it was Donald Blake who found Mjolnir and brought Thor back into existence.

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Donald Blake seemed to fade after this. When Thor was no longer worthy of raising Mjolnir, Donald Blake did not return to existence. Thor was now “The Odinson”. It was recently revealed that Donald Blake was created entirely by Odin to be a vessel for Thor, and Blake would spend time in a fabricated reality when swapping places with Thor. Years in that realm drove Blake mad, and he swept through reality intending to kill everyone connected to Thor until Thor and the Asgardians stopped him.

8 Have you ever used other mystical weapons? Briefly, but each attempt was quite short-lived

Although not worthy of raising Mjolnir, Odinson sought out the Mjolnir of Earth-1610, the Ultimate Universe, which had landed in the Earth-616 universe. Beta Ray Bill offered Thor Stormbreaker at this time, but Odinson refused. He later engaged in a battle with the Collector and Thanos for this Mjolnir, but Odinson ended up giving up this hammer, as it was not really Mjolnir.

When Mjolnir was destroyed in a fight between Mangog and Jane Foster as Thor, Thor Odinson reclaimed his name and commissioned the Nidevillir Dwarves to create a new hammer for him. Unfortunately, these were not that stable and would often break out in combat with players like Juggernaut and the Helmet. Since then, Mjolnir has been refurbished. Thor once used Beta Ray Bill’s Stormbreaker in a fight with Bill, and Thor tore it apart on Mjolnir.

7 Why was it sent to Midgard in the first place? I needed to learn humility

Thor has spent centuries in Midgard as he had a keen interest in him and his people. He fought against enemies like Apocalypse and one of Knull’s Grendel symbiotes in years past, as well as any other kind of monsters. However, Thor was brash, arrogant, and careless and after a tavern fight in Asgard, Odin decided it was time for Thor to learn humility.

It was this act that led to the creation of Donald Blake, Thor’s time with the Avengers, and the rest of Marvel history as we know it.

6 Why can more than one person become Thor? Access to your powers can grant the person the title

This is a complex concept, as Thor Odinson is a person, but his powers can grant someone the title of Thor. Unlike Thor: RagnarokThor has no access to his control over storms and enlightenment without Mjolnir, though that potential has been hinted at recently. Thor just has the innate strength and durability of an Asgardian without Mjolnir. When Odin stripped Thor of his title and powers, that created a differentiation between Odinson and Thor. During Thor’s time as Donald Blake, he could only maintain Thor’s form while keeping in constant contact with Mjolnir. This linked Thor’s identity to Mjolnir.

One must be worthy of raising Mjolnir, and a few others have over the years including Beta Ray Bill, Captain America, Superman, Wonder Woman, Storm, Red Norvall, Eric Masterson, and Jane Foster. Of those, only Norvall, Masterson, and Foster took the name Thor. There’s also Throg, a frog that has its own tiny Mjolnir. Also, Volstagg became War Thor for a time when he took the Mjolnir from the Ultimates Universe. For those other than Odinsons who became Thor, the name “Thor” was more of a superhero title to match aesthetics and powers. However, after Mjolnir was destroyed in the battle with Mangog, Jane Foster convinced Odinson to keep his name, regardless of whether he had Mjolnir.

5 Does he ever become the king of Asgard? Ascended the throne several times

Old King Thor

Thor has ascended the Throne of Asgard several times over the years. He once established Asgard in the fictional nation of Slokovia while Odin went off to fight Surtur, the Fire Demon. Thor became King of Asgard and began to consider taking control of Earth to finally bring peace to humanity. This prompted Iron Man to build the Thorbuster armor and try to humiliate Thor. Following this, Final Ragnarok occurred, and Thor once again became King of Asgard as a consequence. He reestablished Asgard in Broxton Oklahoma and ruled from there while finding the missing Asgardians. However, after a while, Odin returned once more and became king. More recently, Odin abdicated the throne in the wake of War of the Realms, and Thor became king of Asgard again.

In Robert Rodi and Simone Bianchi Thor: for Asgard, Thor became king while Odin was dead for a time (he hanged himself from Yggdrasil to show penance for past mistakes and to obtain information). Thor was not worthy to lift Mjolnir up then, and Asgard seemed to be collapsing around him. In the distant future, Thor is the king of Asgard, but the other Asgardians are gone. The universe is in its last days, and Thor has only his granddaughters, known as the Daughters of Thunder, and a small colony of humans on Earth to keep him company.

4 Who is Thor’s mother in the comics? It was revealed that Gaea was his real mother, but it could be the Phoenix Force.

This question has gotten surprisingly complicated in recent years. Freyja was believed to be Thor’s mother for a long time, but it was revealed that Gaea, an ancient Earth god (who is supposedly still connected to the Greek pantheon) is Thor’s true mother, giving her her close connection to Midgard. For a time, Freyja, Gaea, and Idunn, a Vanir, ruled Asgardia as the Total Mother.

Recently, it was revealed that Thor’s real mother could be the Phoenix Force, who apparently dated Odin 1,000,000 years ago.

3 How many brothers does Thor have? Thor has several brothers

New Loki Marvel Comics

Loki is Thor’s adoptive brother. Loki was an Frost Giant from Jotunheim and the son of Laufey, but Odin adopted Loki after a brutal battle between Aesir and Jotuns.

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However, Thor actually has other siblings. Angela, or Aldrif Odinsdottir, is the daughter of Odin and Freyja and half-sister of Thor. Laussa Odinsdottir is still a child and is also Thor’s half-sister, born to Odin and Freyja. Balder, Hermod, and Tyr are also the children of Odin and Freyja and thus Thor’s half-brothers. Finally, there is Vidar, who is the son of Odin and a Jotun named Grid and thus is another half-brother of Thro.

two What is your relationship with other Marvel heroes? He is cordial

Avengers Thor Captain America Black Panther

Thor has generally tried to be cordial to other heroes in the Marvel Universe. He is a staunch ally of the Avengers, although he seems to have a special dislike for the Black Knight. He is close friends with Captain America, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill, and Valkyrie Jane Foster. He has had a contentious relationship with Iron Man; didn’t help when Iron Man made a cyborg clone of Thor named Ragnarok during Civil war. He was as enraged as other heroes when the Illuminati were discovered. Thor was also quite close to Hyperion during his time in the Avengers. He also seems to have a lot of respect for Silver Surfer, Wolverine, and Spiderman. Thor, like Donald Blake, had a long-term relationship with Jane Foster before his own days as Thor, and Thor currently has a nebulous relationship with She-Hulk.

Thor and the Hulk also have a special relationship. They seemed to respect each other in the past, but they also get into frequent fights. The Immortal hulk Era has done nothing to help in this, as Thor no longer trusts the Hulk and seems very eager to show the Jade Giant who the strongest in existence really is.

1 Why did Marvel decide to adapt the God of Thunder as a superhero? Stan Lee wanted to “make someone stronger than the strongest person”

Thor Jack Kirby Stan Lee Journey into Mystery 83 First cover appearance

On Excelsior! The Amazing Life of Stan LeeStan says he wanted to “make someone stronger than the strongest person”. That led him to think of a god, but he didn’t want to use Roman and Greek gods because they were so commonly adapted in Western fiction. This, and the apparent affection for the Vikings, led Stan Lee to Thor, and put Thor in Journey to the mystery because “He needed an injection in his arm.”

Jack Kirby, on the other hand, had already used Thor to Dc comics, so I already had some ideas floating around on how to adapt the God of Thunder into a comic. He always had an interest in legends and gods, and that made it easy for Kirby to come up with a creative vision for Thor.

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