The first episode of Loki briefly showed a Skrull and possibly a Flerken on TVA, but why are these creatures there? We’ll see.

Loki introduced the audience to the Time Variation Authority, and during Loki’s time there, a Skrull and possibly a Flerken were also spotted, but what could they be doing there? After peaking with Avengers: infinity war Y Avengers Endgame, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga came to an end with Spider-Man: Far From Home, so this universe is ready to move on. Phase 4 will cover both TV shows and movies, and as this new era began they were WandaVision Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and the next in line is none other than Loki.

Viewers met the God of Mischief in the series titled Simply Loki, which follows the 2012 version of the character who escaped the Avengers with the Tesseract during the time heist in Avengers Endgame. As a result, Loki was captured and taken to the Time Variance Authority, an organization that monitors the timeline. The TVA will take advantage of Loki’s talents and send him on a special mission, but before that happens, Loki made sure the audience (and the main character) became familiar with the organization and its headquarters.

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The TVA takes its work very seriously and captures all those who have messed with the Sacred Timeline by creating branches and variants, as Loki did, and obviously he is not the only one who has done it, be it intentional or accidentally. While going through all the “paperwork” to get to TVA, Loki came across other variants, the most notable of which was one that refused to take a ticket and was rebooted on the spot, causing Loki to realize that that place is not a joke. It is during that process that a Skrull can be briefly seen on TVA’s reception, and they were in the same situation as the God of Mischief.

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Loki TVA Skrull

The Skrull was brought in by a TVA agent and wore the same collar as Loki, which keeps them under TVA’s control and thus leaves them with no chance of escape. As Loki approaches the reception, it can be heard that the Skrull is, in fact, a variant and was therefore brought to TVA. Although this happens quickly and Skrull is not part of the story, this can be tied to another upcoming Marvel TV show launching on Disney +: Secret invasion. Based on the comic book story of the same name by Brian Michael Bendis, Secret invasion will address the infiltration of a sect of Skrulls into Earth, and in the comics, they posed as various superheroes. The presence of a Skrull on TVA could be explained in Secret invasion, further connecting the next program with the previous ones.

Skrulls aren’t the only alien creature that happens to appear in Loki, and there is another that could also be on TVA. When Loki is given his new clothes and taken to a room to sign the papers showing everything he has said, a cat is shown, reacting a bit nervous towards Loki. Since TVA is not a place like any other, that cat could be a Flerken, a dangerous alien creature that looks like a cat. Flerkens, like Skrulls, made his debut in Captain Marvel in 2019, and this could be his second appearance in the MCU, albeit a very subtle one, and as for why TVA has a Flerken, it’s more likely to be as a mascot or companion rather than a variant, as was the case. Skrull, especially since the cat had his food and everything else by his side. Loki It’s just beginning, so it remains to be seen what other surprises it will bring.

Loki releases new episodes every Wednesday on Disney +.

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