Angela Deem showed off her massive 45-pound weight loss in a New York bar after filming The 90 Day Fiancé Tell-All with her daughter Skyla on Instagram.

After your weight loss, 90 day fiancé Star Angela Deem hasn’t been afraid to flaunt her new slim body on Instagram, but fans don’t approve of Michael’s wife’s new ways. At 55, nursing assistant Angela is looking her best yet, with a fabulous new body and style to match. Since 2018, Angela has never managed to make a good impression on TLC viewers. Her multiple breakups and explosive arguments, in which Angela was the one being insecure and unreasonable towards Michael for even looking at other women, are infamous. However, in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Angela has been flirting with her doctors on screen and partying off screen.

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Despite their very shaky relationship, Michael and Angela got married in January 2020 in Nigeria, proving that their detractors were wrong. But immediately after, Angela returned home due to a family emergency, and eight months later, she underwent weight-loss surgery. The long distance was a challenge for Michael and Angela, resulting in communication problems. But while Angela may have lost the 100 pounds to make Michael like her more, the 90 day fiancé star has never been more confident in her own skin. Now, Angela is the star of Instagram, getting double touches and critical comments alike.

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Weekend, Angela he was supposedly filming the 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? Tell-All season 6 in New York, according to his own Instagram. In a photo of Angela wearing skinny jeans and rainbow hair, she showed the New York skyline while promoting Dr. Michael K. Obeng and his clinic. Accompanying Angela was her daughter and 90 day fiancé fan favorite, Skyla rae, who also posted adventures with his mom about the fun trip. On her IG, Skyla mentioned the “advantages of having a famous momAnd how they get her to skip the line, and a video showed Angela wearing a floral top at the Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge in New York.

TO 90 day fiancé fan page @ 90daythemelanatedway He reposted Angela’s video on his page and received some harsh comments from fans. “Imagine if Michael hit the bars like this“Said a TLC viewer, and”She really thinks she’s a starSighed another. A different fan posted: “I’m so sick of her“With another commenter asking if Angela was still with Michael because Angela”seems to be loosening up and having fun like everyone after a breakup. “

Angela was also called “Attention seeker“In the comments, but a fan joked about him 90 day fiancé star having finally bought a handbag. Many others commented on his appearance “fabulous” Y “fucking great.“While Angela’s antics might be hinting at a separation from Michael, the 90 day fiancé The couple are still very close, according to a recent meemaw error on Instagram. And if Michael agrees that Angela is partying or flirting, perhaps the critical comments won’t matter to him anyway.

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