The stunning new trailer for the Breath of the Wild sequel justified all the hype for Nintendo’s E3 Direct, and possibly even E3 itself.

When Nintendo teased a sequel to the blockbuster Legend of Zelda play Breath of the wild Two years ago at E3 2019, fans were ecstatic. Now, after two years of complete silence, a new 90-second trailer closed out Nintendo’s E3 2021 presentation. The trailer gives some enormous hints about new settings and game mechanics. Subsequently, many people on the Internet are overflowing with joy.

This year hasn’t been the most action-packed E3, and tensions were already high going into Nintendo’s E3 Direct. This trailer not only met everyone’s hopes for the Direct, but it could be argued that since the Direct was the most anticipated event at E3, it delivered on fans’ hopes for the entire expo.

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Everything about Breath of the Wild 2 The 90-second trailer is really exciting. There is another glimpse of Link’s mysterious arm injury, followed later by a quick grab of Link’s arm transforming into a high-class piece of ancient technology. (It is interesting to note that this test has great similarities to Finn’s arm in Adventure time.) It’s clear from the trailer that this transformed arm will add new battle mechanics to the game, which, as most fans will probably agree, is incredibly exciting.

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The public also receives a very, very A quick look at Ganon’s probably mummified corpse from the original teaser, but this time, he’s on his feet, moving, and screaming. It is very spooky, but very delicious. This is in the opening moments of the trailer, when the stains of malice (also known as “Ganon gooIn this part of the trailer, Zelda falls into a dark and cavernous abyss. The same wisps of malice appear to be responsible for levitating Hyrule Castle in the sky.

This image of Hyrule Castle stuck on a giant piece of land, midair, wonderfully leads to the most exciting reveal of the world. Breath of the Wild 2 trailer. As producer Eiji Aonuma later said, “the scene has expanded to include the skies over Hyrule.“One of the most exciting shots is that of Link, his beautiful hair loosened with headbands and floating in the wind, falling freely on an island from the sky. multiple islands of the sky. Of course, the paraglider will return to help Link navigate this new terrain, but the trailer also shows a new ability: becoming a kind of water drop of ancient technology that allows players to soar and pierce the stone.

And seriously, the sheer beauty of Link’s loose hair is worth mentioning in less one more time. There are many lessons to be learned from this new Breath of the Wild 2 trailer, even if one of them is not the official title of the game. But one lesson, no doubt, is that Link looks great in his latest entry. Starfield Y aura Announcements aside, E3 2021 has officially lived up to expectations, exactly as needed.

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