It’s perhaps not surprising that Starfield has some influences from pop culture, especially movies, but the connections can run deeper.

Bethesda finally revealed a bit more about Starfield, his upcoming sci-fi RPG, during Microsoft’s E3 2021 livestream on June 13. While much of the game is still under wraps, including its exact plot, it seems to have its influences up its sleeve, including movies like Interstellar Y The martian. Although only time will tell, these connections can be more than superficial.

Following the content of StarfieldIn the second teaser trailer, the player character appears to be part of a mission or organization called Constellation, and has located something that a narrator calls “the key to unlock everything. “As the spacesuit protagonist of the trailer prepares to lift off from a rocky planet, the narrator talks about the discovery”what’s out there“and embark on”the beginning of humanity’s final journey. “A rifle dropped in the cargo hold hints that this trip will be anything but peaceful.

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Starfield, Interstellar, Y The martian they are examples of a genre called “hard” science fiction. All three, for example, attempt a semi-realistic description of space exploration: astronauts still wear pressurized suits and rigorous procedures, while spacecraft generally obey the laws of physics. If they don’t, that technology is a centerpiece of the storytelling, as Interstellarwormhole or Starfieldtravel faster than light (FTL). In fact, the parallels are especially obvious in visual style, as all three franchises feature suits and vehicles that resemble NASA prototypes more than anything seen in traditional science fiction.

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Starfield is not a space opera

A key criterion for hard science fiction is that it focuses on the ramifications of science, rather than just using it as a backdrop like Star Wars. Interstellar It has a familiar subplot, but it’s overwhelmingly about the value of space exploration and colonization, as well as what it might be like to deal with time dilation and hostile planetary environments. The martian focuses on isolation and survival in hostile conditions. StarfieldThe entire plot is currently a mystery, but at least she’s preoccupied with finding humanity’s most important place in the universe.

Pathfinder in The Martian

There are indications that Starfield Y Interstellar The two could share the connection of faster-than-light (FTL) technology made by aliens. In the latter it is the wormhole, the only thing that allows the ships to reach the planets near Gargantua. The E3 2018 teaser for Starfieldmeanwhile featured a ship accelerating to FTL speeds, as it is believed to be impossible without bending space-time, perhaps humanity has discovered alien warp drive technology, which could be “the key to unlock everything“mentioned in the 2021 trailer. Alien-assisted FTL has been a running theme in a lot of sci-fi stuff, ranging from 2001: a space odyssey through Massive effect.

People will have to wait a bit to learn the truth, since Starfield It will be released on November 11, 2022. It could be months before the first official footage of the game is released. Even then, Bethesda will likely try to keep much of the story in the dark; After all, part of the point of good science fiction is to venture into the unknown.

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