Trese’s bloody post-credits sequence hints that old and new enemies will come to light, which means another war in a possible season 2.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Tremble, now streaming on Netflix.

Alexandra Trese does her job quite well as a paranormal investigator at Netflix TrembleBut it has taken a heavy toll in Manila. Throughout season 1, he manages to work with various supernatural clans, as well as the military, to dispel the god of war, Talagbusao, but the journey is far from over. At the end of the season, she finally adopted her role as Lakan, a protector destined to maintain balance between the world of monsters and humans, but a new threat also arrives, teasing a tantalizing season 2.

This happens in the post-credits at the end. A couple of the city’s dock workers are suddenly kidnapped and eaten, spewing blood all over the place. The anime then cuts to a shadowy figure on a rooftop, reveling in its feast. The mysterious woman simply says, “Trese!” which indicates that he is coming for Alexandra, the last of his bloodline, and because of how fast and powerful she is, this creature will be a handful.

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From her clothes and hat, she appears to be a jiangshi, a Chinese vampire-like creature, with a vengeance. What we don’t know is whether he’s working for a new boss or trying to revive the god of war. It could even be Alexandra’s dead twin. The girl was killed by Alexandra’s father, Anton, and her soul became the sword of the family, with the intention of her being a destroyer. But knowing that Anton has his secrets, he might have found a way to keep her alive.

Furthermore, we also learned in the first season that Talagbusao was manipulating his destinies. He could have had cults trying to bring the girl back, knowing she would be just like Alexandra. Alexandra will have to delve into Anton’s past anyway because while he passed the witness to her, he also hid many truths and recast prophecies to ensure that the Trese family was seen as the hub of both kingdoms. Alexandra still loves him, but these lies created agreements for the creatures and their gangs to abide by. Seeing that Talagbusao exposed a civil war in the past and almost created a new one in the present, Alexandra has to fix things in a possible second season.

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Tremble it also ends with a rift that has arisen between the policemen of humanity. Some were possessed and used by Talagbusao’s henchmen, some were trafficked and slaughtered, while others were fed. By uncovering more of her past, Alexandra can heal the damage done to both sides and build the confidence to work with them against the new killer. She has seen Nuno (the Earth Golem), Lektro (an electrical villain), and many others turn against humanity, but now she has the Maliksi horse clan and the Wind Twins to help make new deals.

Lastly, Alexandra will have to recruit new members after watching Talagbusao corrupt her twin sons, the super powerful Kambal (Crispin & Basilio), aka her bodyguards. Hank nearly exploded while Captain Guerrero was killed by Talagbusao. You need more hands on work in the future, especially since you don’t know what arsenal the new enemy possesses. Manila is full of creatures willing to betray the pact, including the emissary of Death, who is willing to manipulate it. Alexandra can’t take anything for granted.

Talagbusao escaped mystical imprisonment once, so not even his Fire Elemental, Santelmo, could be enough. This could even see her using the spirit realm to connect with her dead mother, Miranda, or other family members to chart a path forward. Hopefully, this and more of these story possibilities will be explored in case Tremble get another season.

Trese stars Shay Mitchell, Griffin Puatu, Nicole Scherzinger, Carlos Alazraqui, Manny Jacinto, Matt Yang King, Steve Blum, Eric Bauza, Darren Criss, Jon Jon Briones, and Lou Diamond Phillips. Season 1 airs on Netflix.

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