The film will be released next summer.


Twenty Y Ice Cube are ready to star in Sony’s new comedy Oh hell no, which already has a main release date for summer 2022. The high-concept comedy will mark the director’s first fictional feature film Kitao sakurai, who directed the Netflix hidden camera comedy Bad trip, in more than a decade, having previously directed the 2010 crime thriller Aardvark.

Black will also produce together with Roz Music, with former Sony co-president of production and studio veteran Matt tolmach involved through his Tolmach Productions banner, while Brittany morrissey will oversee the project.

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The plot follows Black’s Sherman, who falls in love with Ice Cube’s character’s mother, Will, and her reaction to the budding romance is what gives the film its title. The script is attributed to a host of comedy talents, including Old School’s Scot Armstrong, Girls trip‘s Tracy oliver, Rick and morty‘s Jessica gao Y 22 jump street‘s Rodney rothman, so we can at least expect a lot of laughs given their respective filmographies.

Any additional details regarding the story remain under wraps for now, but there is something strangely exciting and inherently hilarious about the prospect of seeing two 51-year-olds with diametrically opposite screen characters go head-to-head in a broad comedy in which one tries to stop. the other. of getting romantically involved with his mother, and you can almost imagine the look on Ice Cube’s permanent scowl face when faced with Black’s trademark mix of exuberance and boisterous enthusiasm.

Ice Cube has always been an underrated comedic talent, with his bright, furious deadpan styles and angry delivery that have resulted in big hits like the Friday Y Barber Shop trilogies, as well as a couple of Ride Along Y Salto Street Movie (s. Meanwhile, you almost always know exactly what you’ll get out of Black, and by looking at the talent involved, Oh hell no it has more than enough potential to bring out the best in both stars.

Oh hell no is scheduled to be released on July 1, 2022.

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