The Jim Varney Documentary The importance of being Ernesto It is fast approaching production after launching the crowdfunding campaign for its budget. Previously, a trailer for the film was released, delving into Varney’s life and career and his legendary career as Ernest P. Worrell. It will show fans a new side of the comedic actor by including never-before-seen footage of Varney alongside new stories about the deceased legend from some of the people who knew him best.

Now, the filmmakers are moving full steam ahead on the project with the new crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Currently halfway to its $ 60,000 goal, there is just under two weeks left to support the project as of this writing. Regardless of the amount of money raised, the filmmakers say the team has “enough experience, heart and knowledge to make a fully realized narrative worthy of Jim and Ernest’s legacy.”

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The film is made with the participation of the families of Jim varney Y Ernesto director John Cherry. In addition to tracking invisible images of Varney, The importance of being Ernesto It will also include interviews and new stories about the actor from colleagues and loved ones. According to the documentary team, Paganomation, the concept for the film came about after it was discovered that there really is “no definitive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Ernest’s commercials, movies, TV shows and specials, or life and job “. Someone needed to step up and do it now before these memories are lost forever.

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“Through nine feature films, an Emmy award-winning television show and thousands of television commercials, Ernest P. Worrell became a beloved comedy icon,” the Kickstarter description reads. “Originally created as an advertising character, Ernest transcended these humble beginnings to become an unexpected success thanks to the creativity of an indispensable team of artists, as well as through the unmatched talent of actor Jim Varney.”

The director adds: “Today, two decades after Varney’s death, both Ernest and Jim seem to endure largely as pop culture footnotes – or worse, simple phrases. But Ernest is more than that, and This documentary will guide viewers through Ernest’s entire era to examine the lifespan of a phenomenon. Using archival footage, cast and crew interviews, and never-before-seen footage, we seek to answer the questions: ‘¿ Who was Ernest, who was Jim Varney, how did he relate, and why do they both mean so much to people? ‘”

David Pagano conducts The importance of being Ernesto. Justin Lloyd is a producer and researcher, Daniel Butler is an executive producer, and Valerie Champagne is a co-producer. There is currently no release date of any kind attached to the film, as the team’s plans for post-production and the release of the film will depend on how much money is raised for the budget.

Various benefits are offered for those willing to contribute, with the lowest option being a $ 1 contribution. To learn more about the project or contribute to the budget and get benefits, you can visit the campaign at Kick starter.

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