The Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies misled Midsommar by asking how its cast failed to notice the obviously sinister nature of the film’s cult.

Legacies Season 3, Episode 14, “This Feels a Little Cult-y” Taunted Midsummer pointing out how ridiculous his story is. The story of a group of teens attending the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, Legacies it has struggled to gain the same popularity as its predecessors during its first three seasons. Some fans find the series too lighthearted, but in some cases, a lighter tone can help the show, as seen in LegaciesMidsummer parody.

Legacies made fun of Midsummer with “This Feels a Little Cult-y”. As the sarcastic title implies, the Midsummer The parody wasn’t just a brief nod to the movie or a throwaway phrase. The episode revolved around a wellness retreat that turned out to be a cult, and as such, the outing recreated the entire setting and atmosphere of Midsummer, up to the arch of the vine, the characters pass to reach the land of worship.

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LegaciesThe campy sense of humor is one of its strengths, and the entire episode was exaggerated in its satire of the already exalted Midsummer. Even if Midsummer With moments of dark comedy, the characters in the film never addressed how surreal their situation was and seemed strangely unaware of the horror that surrounded them. Unlike, Legacies He saw Hope and Josie immediately recognize and talk about how strange and unsettling the whole situation was.

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Hope Mikaelson Legacies

The joke underscored the slightly ridiculous premise of Midsummer, in which the plot centers on the idea that not one person in the relatively large group of supposedly intelligent students seemed to realize how strange and strange the film’s murderous cult was until it was too late. To be fair, Legacies has its own issues with inactive and passive main characters like Landon, but despite the cast taking on some very goofy villains, the show has never seen them react in a baffled way to obvious evil. Too late in MidsummerIn the action, Jack Reynor’s character Christian is physically incapacitated when he and the film’s troublesome anti-heroine are high. However, up to this point, Christian and company have been safe to leave the commune whenever they want, or at least, viewers have not seen any evidence that the cult will haunt them if they try to escape.

The problem seems to be less with the group dating and more with them even realizing that they are in danger despite being surrounded by hideous ritual suicides and blatantly creepy characters, somewhat. Legacies has fun making fun of this outing. The darkly comical episode was a nice change of pace from a season that focused on the growth of Landon’s character, and is a solid parody of an acclaimed film that has largely escaped parody thus far. Making fun of the more absurd elements of a recent genre like Midsummer It is a perfect fit for the campier tone, more exaggerated of Legacies.

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