The One piece The universe has many characters who are gifted in the arts of deception and illusion. Whether directly manipulating those around them by convincing them of benevolent motives or having the ability to navigate treacherous situations without being seen, they have proven capable of subtlety in numerous cases.

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Such rogues would make excellent imposters in Among us. With the perfect imposters carefully choosing their prey and employing the full range of their abilities, the crewmates would never suspect a thing until it was too late to drive the intruders off the ship.

10 Bon Clay was a master of impersonation

sir two screams

Bon Clay was a master of impersonation, having shown himself capable of balancing the powers of his Devil Fruit with the ability to deceive others. He was responsible for pretending to be the king of Arabasta to exacerbate the tension between the loyalists and rebels of the nation.

Furthermore, he managed to impersonate Warden Magellan to facilitate Luffy’s escape from Impel Down. Given his compelling performances and his record as an impostor, it follows that he would be equally efficient in killing his fellow crew members without suspicion.

9 Robin was able to hide and take on various disguises throughout his life

Beloved by the Marines as the last survivor of Ohara, Robin spent her entire childhood assuming various disguises and avoiding the authorities. Considering how well she could stay away from the suspicions of the World Government, fooling eight crewmates would be trivial in comparison.

Robin’s Devil Fruit would be particularly useful on his adventures, as it would allow him to kill targets from a distance without them noticing. Using this technique, he could efficiently blame innocent people for the deaths of his teammates and conclude the match with a comfortable victory.

8 Absalom’s Devil Fruit allowed him to become completely invisible

Absalom was a servant of Gecko Moria in Thriller Bark, whose Clear-Clear fruit allowed him to become completely invisible. He was fully capable of attacking enemies in this state, as demonstrated by his battle against Sanji.

Subsequently, the animal villain would be able to assassinate his crewmates without suspicion since they could not visibly perceive him. Absalom’s only setback to his success would be his excessive lust, as he can play with certain victims instead of immediately getting rid of them.

7 Demaro Black was a convincing imposter to hundreds of people, including the Navy

Fake luffy

Demaro Black may have had few redeeming qualities, but he was a successful social manipulator who managed to fool hundreds of pirates and the army into believing that he was Straw Hat Luffy. This is why he was able to gather a massive horde of henchmen on the outskirts of Sabaody.

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Subsequently, he would be equally successful in convincing a lobby of unsuspecting crewmates of his innocence, weaving a series of elaborate lies that last short-lived enough for him to exterminate the group and claim his victory.

6 Lucci infiltrated Water Seven for years and was a gifted spy

While Lucci’s Devil Fruit may not directly contribute to his success, he was a naturally gifted spy who managed to infiltrate Water Seven’s Galley-La company over the years. Posing as his foreman, he gained Iceberg’s trust through his carefully crafted charade.

Lucci, CP9’s most talented agent, efficiently assassinated crewmates, recognizing opportunities as they arose and disappeared into the vents moments after their deaths. His lack of powers would be complemented by an incredible experience, allowing him to kill his targets and claim the ship for the World Government.

5 Akainu was such a strong liar that he managed to turn Whitebeard’s own ally against him.

While Akainu may not be the first to think of a skilled imposter (especially for his feeling of “justice”), he is a deeply capable liar. The man was responsible for turning one of Whitebeard’s closest allies against him prior to the battle for Marineford.

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By playing on the crew mates’ worst fears and crafting compelling narratives about his mates, the Fleet Admiral would manipulate the lobby against himself, minimizing the murders he needed to commit to win the match.

4 Zeo’s invisibility would be a major asset

Fishman Island villain zeo

Zeo was a fishman with the ability to become completely invisible. This would provide an easy route to victory, as you could take out crewmates inadvertently (even kill them regardless of security cameras).

The only flaw of the villain is his lack of intelligence; he tends to wander immediately before his attacks, as demonstrated in his fight against Brook. If he manages to keep his mouth shut and kill his crewmates quickly, Zeo will be successful in his mission before his identity comes to light.

3 Vivi was a skilled impostor who managed to fool Crocodile

I lived one piece

Vivi was able to infiltrate the Baroque Works organization by posing as Miss Wednesday. This allowed him to keep a close eye on Crocodile’s organization and anticipate his next moves without him knowing.

Considering that he was able to fool one of the most unforgiving and hardened warlords in the sea, fooling a group of fellow crew members should be relatively trivial, especially if you are trying to employ the fascinating belly dancing technique he used. against the Straw Hats.

two Caesar Clown was charismatic enough to fool almost everyone

Caesar Clown's first appearance

Caesar Clown was a remarkably capable liar whose natural charisma occluded his most sinister plans. Not only was he able to fool the kidnapped children into believing that he was their savior, but the scientist also managed to fool Brownbeard and even his own men into considering him a messianic figure.

His Gas-Gas fruit would also prove to be a considerable advantage to his job as an impostor, as it would allow him to flow through the vents more easily and suffocate any crewmates who were unlucky enough to get close to him. weather.

1 Blackbeard knew how to bide his time and deceived one of the most powerful men in history

Blackbeard's Dark Dark Fruit

As a former member of Newgate’s crew, Blackbeard was possibly the most skilled liar in the world. One piece universe. Not only was he able to fool the Whitebeard pirates until Thatch’s assassination, but he also managed to hide his true intentions from Luffy and even the Navy until the right moment came.

His “Darkness” fruit would also allow him to swallow bodies completely, forcing suspected crewmates to call an emergency meeting if they intended to charge him. If they don’t frame Teach, they won’t get a second chance.

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