Sanji Vinsmoke is the chef of the Straw Hat pirates and one of the strongest heroes in the world. One piece universe. He is directly responsible for saving his fellow crew members on various occasions through the force of his powerful kicks.

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However, there are many cases where he has proven to be completely unbearable, either because of his excessive (sometimes predatory) lust or because of his short temper. By identifying them, we can better determine whether Sanji is an asset to the group and how much his character flaws have cost him.

10 Sanji put everyone at risk by feeding the Krieg pirates

Don Krieg and his men visited the Baratie with two goals in mind. After filling their stomachs, they would take over the restaurant and use it as their new battleship. Sanji and Zeff were fully aware of the man’s reputation for being a brutal and dishonest scoundrel, but they decided to feed him anyway.

Because of this mistake, he put all of his clients, including Nami, at grave risk. If it weren’t for Luffy’s convenient presence, Krieg would have been successful in defeating the fighting cooks.

9 Sanji admitted that he only wanted Absalom’s devil fruit to spy on naked women

When Sanji encountered Absalom in Thriller Bark, he began a personal vendetta against the man he had never met, one that extended beyond simply kidnapping Nami. He was enraged that the villain ate the Clear Clear fruit and stole a power that the chef felt empowered.

Vinsmoke didn’t want it to protect his allies or get rare reagents for his meals. Instead, he only sought his gifts so that he could spy on naked women without being immediately and severely disowned. Such ambition is predatory and unbecoming of a hero.

8 Sanji demanded that G-5 not harm Monet even when she tried to kill them.

punk danger villain

Monet was Caesar Clown’s assistant who tried to hinder the Straw Hats during their mission on Punk Hazard. As Sanji had fought Vergo to save the Marines, they gave him a considerable amount of respect and treated him as an authority figure.

She used her “range” to avoid being attacked, claiming that it would be better to die than hit a woman. Not only was this incredibly selfish and suicidal, it put the children the harpy kidnapped at risk.

7 Sanji openly insulted the inhabitants of the Kamabakka kingdom without provocation.

Sanji and Ivankov from One Piece

When Sanji stumbled upon the Kamabakka Kingdom, its inhabitants immediately rejected him and despised them as monsters. This was particularly unnecessary considering they hadn’t treated him with hostility up to that point.

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Had he been more cordial and understanding to them, he would have had a significantly less traumatic experience on the island and might even have achieved a solid relationship with their ruler, Emporio Ivankov.

6 Sanji was willing to abandon the Straw Hats for a girl he had literally just met.

While Sanji was trying to chase down a lost Zoro, he ran into Viola and immediately fell in love with her. Unsurprisingly, his “love” began and ended with physical attraction, forcing him to abandon the swordsman and indulge in a new, less relevant quest.

He openly declared his intention to abandon Luffy’s crew for the sake of his fleeting flame and was nearly killed when it was revealed that she was an agent of Doflamingo. Fortunately, the chef’s stupidity would ultimately benefit the heroes.

5 Sanji’s lust hospitalized him on Fishman Island.

When Sanji reached Fishman Island, the sight of the mermaids pushed him beyond his limit. In addition to attracting Neptune’s children and putting his comrades at risk, he had a nosebleed so prominent that he was hospitalized and required Chopper’s attention.

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With time and physical therapy, the chef was presumed to have recovered from his lustful illnesses. However, meeting Princess Shirahoshi in person did more than induce further blood loss – it completely petrified him, to everyone’s surprise and bewilderment.

4 Sanji beat Usopp and Luffy for making a prank at their expense.

Sanji gets angry at Sanji's impression, One Piece

During the Alabasta and Skypiea arcs, Luffy made a bored Sanji impression by contorting his rubbery features. Although Usopp loved the gesture and used it to calm his nerves, the chef was not amused at all.

Even though his captain had already impersonated most of the crew (including Zoro and Chopper), Sanji took his actions personally and beat him up without remorse. Luffy apologized for the gesture even though it was never done with malice in mind. The cook’s low sense of humor made him irritable and insufferable.

3 Sanji argued with Zoro when the fate of the crew was at stake.

During the games against the Foxy Pirates, Zoro and Sanji were forced to work together as they were two of the strongest fighters of the Straw Hats. As expected, their rivalry broke out, and the latter was unwilling to wear a “ball” hat on his head.

Sanji’s willingness to put his entire crew at risk for the sake of his ego is one of his deepest and most costly mistakes. Propitiously, Nami managed to appease his arrogance by convincing him that he liked the way the ball looked on him.

two Sanji was wicked and distracted while in Nami’s body

After Law changed Nami and Sanji’s bodies as a deterrent, the latter was overjoyed despite his loss of strength. He immediately buttoned his shirt to quench his lust, to the surprise and horror of the navigator.

The chef would remain wicked and distracted during the events of Punk Hazard, only contributing to the heroes on rare occasions (such as when he went to find Kin’emon’s body in a poisoned lake). Fortunately, Trafalgar returned their hearts to their proper places before Sanji could get too addicted to his new conditions for his own good.

1 Sanji refused to harm Kalifa even if it endangered Nami’s life.

sanji vs kalifa enies lobby

When Sanji faced Kalifa, he was more than capable of defeating her. Although his kicks were related to the CP9 agent, he made sure there was no force behind them because it would defy his rule of not hitting women.

Due to his archaic belief, the villain was able to defeat him before turning her attention to Nami. In an ironic twist of fate, Vinsmoke’s chivalry put the very woman he professed to care for in critical danger.

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