Razer’s Project Hazel may not be available yet, but an Instagram filter is. Here’s how to find the effect and try on the mask.

RazerThe Project Hazel face mask may not be available to purchase yet, but interested buyers can get a taste of what they will look like wearing the mask with the new Project Hazel Instagram filter. Since the mask was first announced, Project Hazel has generated a lot of attention and interest, and the company has now confirmed that the face mask will be available for purchase later this year.

Instagram filters and effects are nothing new and have proven to be a popular addition to the image and photo sharing platform. Whether it’s to check which Disney character you are or to find out where your soulmate is, there is an Instagram filter available. Now, there’s also one to try on Razer’s tech-driven face cover.

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The Project Hazel filter works just like any other effect on Instagram, so those who are already familiar with the process shouldn’t have a hard time giving the mask a spin. For those who are new to Instagram filters, the Project Hazel effect is only accessible through the Instagram mobile apps. Once downloaded and logged in, head over to Razer Instagram Profile. From here, tap on the Effects icon (smiley face) and then the Project Hazel video. Once the video loads, tap the Try it button at the bottom. At that point, the device’s camera will launch, allowing the user to see what the Project Hazel face mark looks like when worn.

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The real project Hazel gets closer

Razer Mask

Razer announced the launch of the Instagram filter during an E3 2021 presentation. The same presentation also took a moment to highlight the levels of attention the skin has received since it was first announced. At the time of presentation, Project Hazel was just that, a project. More specifically, a concept with no real indication that it would go into production, much less launch. However, after various updates and revisions, Razer has now confirmed that it will release a version of the face mask in the fourth quarter of this year.

While the Instagram filter won’t be as good as the real one, it’s still useful for those looking to make sure a skin like this will be worth investing in. Razer hasn’t confirmed how much the mask will cost, but its many features and selling points are likely to make it a more expensive purchase than other face masks. With the Instagram filter and the option to share the results with others, those interested in the Razer mask can get a better idea of ​​whether it is the right mask for their individual face.

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Project Hazel: The Latest on Razer’s Full Face Mask and When You Can Buy One

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