Project Hazel just got some big updates. It has new interior lighting, an anti-fog filter and will finally go on sale early in the fourth quarter of this year.

During his E3 2021 keynote speech, Razer announced that it is preparing to sell its Project Hazel mask. While an exact date is not yet available, the company has made it clear that interested buyers will soon be able to get their hands on the futuristic face cover.

Face masks have become a common part of daily life since March 2020. They come in various materials and styles, but typically have little to no built-in technology. Announced last January at CES, Project Hazel is the exact opposite. Razer’s custom face mask has an N95 respirator for safe breathing, a transparent front so users’ mouths remain visible, sound boosters to keep people from sounding muffled, and even RGB lighting to add a lot of style.

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A few months from the presentation of the Hazel Project, Razer used its time at E3 to provide a substantial update on where the skin currently stands. For starters, the skin design has changed slightly. Razer now uses replaceable N95 filters on each side of the mask, making it easy for users to fit new filters when current filters wear out. There is also a silicone face seal to provide a more precise fit, interior lighting so people’s faces are still visible at night, and an anti-fog coating that will prevent the mask from fogging up after extended wear. All of this should allow Project Hazel to be much more functional in the real world, all without losing the cool factor that made the skin so popular in the first place.

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Razer’s full face mask will be available in early Q4 2021

Availability slide for Project Hazel during E3 2021

In addition to the design updates, Razer has finally provided a release window to look forward to. Because “crazy demand” Razer hopes for Project Hazel, the company will sell the mask in special drops with limited quantities available. The first drop is expected to launch early in the fourth quarter (likely October or November), and interested buyers can register now on the Razer website.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known how much Project Hazel will cost. Razer mega fans will likely choose Project Hazel at any price just to add it to their collection, but if Razer wants the skin to become something ordinary people buy and wear, it needs to keep the price relatively affordable. However, even without a price tag, this is still a good step forward for Project Hazel. The skin was nothing more than an exciting concept earlier in the year, and just a few months later, Razer is already talking about quality of life updates and shipping plans. That’s quite commendable from Razer. Now, you just need to paste the landing with the Project Hazel price tag.

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