Artist Geoffroy Thoorens has revealed even more concept art from District 9 canceled by director Neill Blomkamp Alien 5, and it is truly something to behold. The sequel would have seen Sigourney Weaver reprise the role of Ripley, and as you can see from the new artwork, she would have once again faced the dreaded Xenomorph.

This latest Alien 5 concept art features sequences that would have been impressive on the big screen, including large cities falling prey to the titular monster, and even a look at a new worm-like creature that would have undoubtedly tortured our characters.

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However, the most exciting image shows Ripley facing off against an Alien Queen in what appears to be a mechanical suit designed to look like a Xenomorph. The sequence would likely have had similarities to Ripley’s battle with the Queen in AliensOnly this time it would have had more power, speed, and agility from the creature. Unfortunately, we will never see any of this come true.

Various details about the plot of Alien 5 They have since been revealed, including that the film would have likely ignored, at least in part, the events of 1992. Alien 3, as well as any subsequent follow-ups, and thereby resurrecting fan-favorite characters Hicks and Newt. The story would have focused on earlier versions of the characters, as well as returning to the atmospheric scares of the first and second films as the scope of the universe opened up.

By Neill Blomkamp Alien 5 Fox gave Fox the green light at one point, and 20th Century Fox confirmed the news and revealed that Blomkamp’s film would be a sequel to the original four. Alien Departures. Sigourney Weaver later indicated that she would be willing to participate in a Alien Blomkamp-directed project, despite having stated in the past that he would only want to come back as Ripley for James Cameron or Ridley Scott. Sadly, things came to halfway when the project was canceled in 2015, and Blomkamp announced via social media that the project had been discontinued; “alien is holding / pending prometheus 2. So I’ll be working on other things … as much as I love xeno- and lieutenant ripley.”

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With the Disney / Fox merger, the idea appears to be dead, although Sigourney Weaver remains hopeful that it may one day be revived. “We almost started doing it when I was working with James Cameron. But when Fox put us off, Neill had gotten so many jobs that we would probably have to wait,” Weaver said of the project previously. “I’m busy doing Avatar 4 and 5. I love working with Neill and I think he would do a great job, and James Cameron really thinks it’s a great idea, so you never know. Right now, I think Neill has like three ongoing projects at the same time. “

Neill Blomkamp he’s really busy, with the filmmaker ready to release the supernatural horror Demonic on August 20, 2021. He also recently announced a sequel to his sci-fi masterpiece, District 9, is now in development. As for Alien, a TV series is now in the works for FX, with Noah Hawley and Sir Ridley Scott involved in the project. This comes to us from Geoffroy Thoorens.

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