The latest trailer for CW’s Stargirl season 2 surprises fans by revealing Jade, the daughter of JSA’s original Green Lantern, Alan Scott.

The new Star Girl The season 2 trailer features another JSA inherited character in the form of Green Lantern’s daughter, Jade. Based on the DC comic character created by Geoff Johns, Stargirl, also known as Courtney Whitmore, holds a special place in Johns’ heart as he modeled the character after his late sister Courtney, who tragically passed away in an air disaster. in 1996. In 2018, the now- defunct streaming service DC Universe announced the adaptation of the series, which was also written and produced by Johns himself.

Star Girl follows the story of high school Courtney Whitmore who discovers the Cosmic Staff once wielded by the hero Starman and takes on the persona of Stargirl, and then attempts to reform the Justice Society of America with a new generation of superheroes. Dating back to the original golden age of the 1940s DC comic, Star Girl Season 1 referenced several classic DC heroes, including Alan Scott’s, the original Green Lantern. While DC fans are most familiar with later cosmic versions of Green Lantern, beginning with the character of Hal Jordan, Scott’s powers were magical, not extraterrestrial, in origin and were due to a ring that he could recharge with a Green Lantern.

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Now with The CW offering fans a glimpse of the upcoming second season, it seems Star Girl Fans are ready to learn much more about the original Green Lantern and his family. Actress Ysa Penarejo makes her first appearance in the new trailer and introduces herself as Alan Scott’s daughter Jade. Check out the trailer below:

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In the comics, Jade, also known as Jennifer Lynn-Haden, also has a twin brother, Obsidian, who has previously appeared on The CW’s. Legends of tomorrow portrayed by Lance Henriksen and Dan Payne. While it’s unclear if Jade’s arrival in Blue Valley will also hint at a possible appearance by her brother, her appearance still marks a major move by DC to introduce multiple versions of the Green Lantern character into their various projects. Alan Scott’s legacy will not only be an important feature of Star Girl season 2, but another version of the character will also appear alongside several other Lanterns in the upcoming HBO Max. Green Lantern series currently in development. In addition to these two series, a Green Lantern Corps The film has also been in development since 2014, although it is currently unclear if this project is still planned to continue.

This latest DC move is another exciting reveal for Star Girl fans, and audiences will be eager to see what Jade’s arrival means for Courtney and the newly reformed JSA. More importantly, it also hints at a new trend in the DC universe to increasingly tap into the much-loved legacy of Green Lantern characters. Star Girl Season 2 is scheduled for a premiere on August 10 on The CW.

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