DEO’s investigation has changed and its mission to protect the public may cause them to take an isolationist stance in the multiverse.

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Infinite Frontier: Secret Files # 5 by Stephanie Phillips, Joshua Williamson, Phil Hester, Ande Parks, Nick Filardi and Tom Napolitano, out now.

Although the Whole was formed to explore the recently expanding Infinite Frontier, it is the Department of Extranormal Operations, or DEO, that has given readers a first glimpse of how the multiverse has changed since it was restructured. Your clandestine investigations have not come from a place of benevolence.

The DEO was founded on the notion of protecting humanity. While the DEO mission originally revolved around the threat from metahumans and aliens, it has now been expanded to include the multiverse itself, starting with Infinite Frontier: Secret Files # 5. And if they continue on this trajectory, there is a possibility that the DEO will oppose Totality and Incarnate Justice as pro-isolationist in its stance towards the multiverse.

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The DEO was first introduced in 1985 bat Man # 550 by Dennis O’Neil, Doug Moench, Kelley Jones, and JH Williams III as an agency of the US government that was intended to monitor metahumans and, if necessary, come up with ways to neutralize them. The idea was that the DEO existed to protect the general public from threats that the police and normal military were not capable of handling. Naturally, a government black ops organization given the jurisdiction to monitor and police metahumans would eventually plunge into morally ambiguous areas, if not outright villainy.

An important example of this is the possibility that the DEO was responsible for the engineering of an Elite member, Menagerie. There has even been evidence that the DEO abused those metahumans in their care. They justify any ethically questionable decision by believing in the goal of protecting the masses. As time passed, the threats they had to watch out for only grew, becoming more complex and more dangerous. And now, an infinite multiverse has opened up, which means anything could happen now. Faced with such uncertainty, the DEO may end up becoming supporters of isolation rather than exploration.

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In his defense, the multiverse is a dangerous and terrifying place. Some of the greatest threats to existence in the DCU have originated from the multiverse, not from Earth itself. This fearful attitude could put them on a collision course with other groups that have formed to explore these uncertainties. They have already investigated the Whole, a team created from heroes and villains to spearhead this new omniverse.

The DEO could possibly view your attempts to understand the changes in reality as a potential threat. Who knows what might be lurking in the next universe? It could be a peaceful utopia or a tyrannical god who wishes to conquer a new universe, no one knows for sure. But what the DEO knows right now is that more harm than good has come of going into the unknown.

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The DEO is now trying to keep an eye on an infinite expanse that will only continue to grow. His reason for doing it is the same as always: to protect people. Sometimes to keep things safe you need to put up a shield and in the case of the DEO this most likely means stopping exploring the multiverse.

However, history has shown that not knowing what is in the unknown can be dangerous. The DEO wants to avoid the possibility of unleashing something that could finally finish the job and end everyone for good. But this change has already been unleashed. And in their desperation to prevent various heroes and villains from targeting Earth, they did not consider that there might be something they hadn’t discovered would be coming for them anyway.

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