The cast members of 90 Day Fiancé suspected that Natalie and Mike were not a couple during Tell-All season 8. There are indications that they were right.

There are clues that 90 day fiancé stars Natalie Mordovtseva and Mike Youngquist had already parted ways when they appeared on Tell-All season 8. TLC viewers and cast members were confused by their cold war during that Tell-All. After a tumultuous season that included Natalie asking for her ring, Mike declaring he didn’t love her, and Mike abandoning her on their wedding day, the couple finally tied the knot in the finale. However, Tell-All trailers promoted the drama between “infuriating” couple Mike and Natalie showing them entering separately. What followed was a series of shocking revelations, including Tamara revealing that Trish had asked her to object to her wedding and Natalie came face to face with Sarah. Natalie accused Mike of cheating with Sarah in season 7.

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During 90 day fiancé Season 7, Natalie and Mike’s compatibility was questioned. Still, when she threw out her ring and technically called off the engagement in the finale, no one saw it coming. However, after everything that happened, Natalie and Mike surprised fans by appearing in the season 8 trailer. Mike seemed reluctant to welcome Natalie to the United States, and when she arrived, his problems escalated. Natalie ridiculed her partner many times. Surprisingly, Mike and Natalie had an impromptu wedding and got a chance to star in 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? to show your troubled relationship.

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For those fans keeping up with spoilers, the news that Natalie and Mike were getting married in April 2020 emerged early, along with rumors that they were supposedly having a baby. Speculation circulated that Natalie was pregnant, as Natalie looked different in her Instagram photos. Some fans also assumed that she got breast implants. Natalie later revealed that she had gained 30 pounds due to stress, which she lost with liposuction and a Keto diet fitness program. It was Mike’s Uncle Beau who confirmed that the rumor about Mike’s separation from Natalie was true and that she had left Sequim and moved to Seattle. Around the same time, in April 2021, TLC aired season 8 Tell-All, which was filmed in February 2021.

Youngquist Mordovtseva Pregnant Wedding Baby in 90 Days Fiance 4

Turns out Natalie was the one who dumped Mike on Christmas Eve 2020, after lying to him about going to the casino with Tamara and driving to Seattle. In that case, the Tell-All might have been the first time Natalie and Mike had been face to face since she fled her trailer. Also, Natalie said: “It’s a bit awkward for me today because in my perfect world, I would be myself. And I don’t need to pretend that everything is fine, it isn’t.She said those words to the cameras at the Tell-All, and now, it all makes sense. When asked by 90 day fiancé host Shaun Robinson on why they came separately, Natalie’s response was: “I do not answer.

A major clue to their breakup was that Natalie lied about why she wasn’t wearing a ring, saying she was home. He claimed that he did not bring it with him because he did not want it stolen. The other cast members refused to believe Natalie. After the episode aired, Andrew Kenton, who was supposedly only present during Natalie and Mike’s segment before leaving the set, revealed that the pair did not speak at all, even during the lunch break. Natalie and Mike may have already filmed their 90 Day Boyfriend: Happily Ever After? spin-off at the time Tell-All season 8 was filmed. While Natalie, being a professional actress, may have helped her fool fans and stay true to her contract, in the 90 day fiancé world, nothing stays hidden for long.

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