By Zack Snyder Army of the dead features various zombie robots hidden throughout the film, with no explicit explanation of where they come from or why they are in Las Vegas. As a result, several popular theories have emerged to explain the curious presence of the robotic undead, any one of which could influence the various upcoming Army of the dead spin-off. Based on the information provided in the movie itself, the zombie robots could mean a few different things.

Although the central story of Army of the dead It’s not terribly complicated, and in fact it works mostly by invoking classic tropes from the zombie and heist genres, there’s a bit more gameplay below the surface. The origin of zombies, their communal nature, and their ability to reproduce, for example, are briefly discussed, but the film ends with many more questions than answers. Presumably some of those mysterious will be addressed in the upcoming prequels. Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas Y Army of thieves.

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Zombie robots add another layer of intrigue to Army of the dead. None of the characters talk about them, and they appear so briefly that it’s easy to miss. While the robots largely serve as fun Easter eggs for eagle-eyed viewers, they may play a much bigger role in the overall story down the road. Here are all the major theories explaining where the zombie robots came from and why they are in Las Vegas.

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The zombie robots of the army of the dead are a government experiment

Dead Robot Zombie Army

Army of the dead makes it clear that the United States government has at least one personal curiosity in the undead in Las Vegas. Zeus, the alpha zombie who escapes from Area 51 at the beginning of the film, is being transported by American soldiers from a top-secret American military base. Clearly, the government is involved in the virus. That could only mean that the military detained Zeus and were conducting an investigation on him, or it could mean that the entire virus was manufactured within Area 51. As of now, there is no way to know for sure.

What is clear is that the government is very interested in zombies, and in particular in their potential military applications. So it is possible that the zombie robots detected in Las Vegas are actually government experiments, created to emulate or somehow infiltrate the true undead. The blue eyes of robots evoke the blue blood of alphas, which could suggest that the US military was trying to create fake alphas in an attempt to bring the royal horde under its control. If that is the case, of course, it would appear that the experiment was a failure.

Zombie robots from the army of the dead are spying on alphas

Zeus and the Alpha Queen from Army Of The Dead

Another explanation for the zombie robots is that they were created by the government solely to spy on and examine the rest of the undead. This theory is perhaps a bit more credible, as observing and investigating zombies would be a much easier task than trying to control them. Zombie robots don’t appear to be particularly strong, so it would make more sense if they were sent out as mobile security cameras to document and study the behaviors of the undead.

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In particular, the robots could have been sent to spy on Zeus and the rest of the alphas. Since Zeus was the one previously in captivity, the government’s interest is likely tied to him. The alphas’ increased intelligence, leadership skills, and ability to reproduce with each other are all curious, and would certainly justify the research budget required to create some credible fake zombies.

Army of the Dead zombie robots were sent by aliens

Army of the Dead, UFO

There are numerous clues throughout Army of the dead that zombies are aliens. The opening sequence features multiple hidden UFOs in background shots, the Area 51 connection suggests an extraterrestrial origin for the virus, and the nature and strange biology of the Alphas seems far more complicated than simple resuscitation. Some have theorized that the virus was sent from space as a weapon to conquer Earth. Others have assumed that the infection was caused at least inadvertently by some intervention from space, a twist that dates back to George A. Romero’s original. Night of the Living Dead.

It is possible, then, that the zombie robots in Army of the dead They are not man-made at all. Rather, they could be instances of alien technology, sent to guard the undead or to reinforce their ranks. Perhaps the alien conquerors who sent the virus also provided some robo-shamblers to ensure the infection spread smoothly. Or maybe the arrival of the virus on Earth was an accident, and robots were later dispatched to investigate and monitor the situation. Either way, the zombie robot in Army of the dead It seems a bit too advanced for modern real-world technology, and while that could be explained with secret technology from the US government, it could easily suggest that the robots were made by aliens.

The zombie robots of the army of the dead could be part of the cycle of time

Explanation of Vanderohe's Time Loop Theory of the Army of the Dead

One last theory of how Army of the Dead Zombie robots fit the general story is the time cycle theory. In the movie, there is a scene where Omari Hardwick’s character Vanderohe wonders aloud if the corpses the crew find in the vault are actually from another era, and if they could all be caught in a huge time loop. , condemned to repeat their actions. and again. It’s clearly not meant to be taken too seriously, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any clues throughout the movie that can be used to support such a theory.

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Assuming for the moment that the time cycle theory is correct, the zombie robots could be connected to it somehow. Perhaps they are immune to the looping effect and therefore must observe each successive circuit. That means the government experiment or extraterrestrial theories could still be true in this case. In fact, the alien theory might be the best available explanation of how a time loop would actually work in Army of the dead. Perhaps the alien overlords are repeating the same outbreak over and over again, all in a sick experiment to obtain new data and refine their zombie virus. Or maybe the robot zombies in Army of the dead they are nothing more than funny Easter eggs, and these theories will be shown to be false. Who will say?

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