Even though it got off to a rough start, Black clover It has become one of the most popular next-gen anime series, and for good reason. In addition to beautiful animation and great characterization, the story features a fascinating power system that focuses entirely on a world of magic. Also, the series is filled with many memorable moments.

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Sadly, after 170 episodes, the anime has had an indefinite hiatus. Thankfully the manga is still ongoing and there is talk of an upcoming movie, but until then, some of the best parts of the series so far are worth taking a look at.

10 Yuno & Asta Vs Licht is one of the biggest fights in Black Clover

Asta and Yuno vs Licht and the devil

During the Elven Reincartion Arc, Asta and Yuno joined forces to defeat Licht, the former leader of the Elf tribe. However, minutes after Licht was reincarnated, he immediately claimed the Demon Dweller sword from Asta, making it clear that the boys were facing a formidable foe.

As Licht quickly bombards them both with a series of attacks, Asta is seriously injured and loses his black form. Yuno, who can still fight, unleashes a Spirit Storm on Licht, who quickly absorbs the spell with his sword. Once Asta regains consciousness, the boys charge at Licht, and although he deflects his attacks, Asta successfully retrieves his Demon Dweller sword.

9 Noelle saves her critical siblings from chaos and shows her strength

Noelle vs. Kivn

Early in the story, Noelle struggled to control her magic to the point where her siblings called her useless. But during her battle against Kivn, Noelle showed the results of her dedicated training.

While Solid and Nebra were unable to stop Kivn, Noelle and Nozel arrived just in time to save them. During the battle, Noelle unlocks an incredible spell, Valkyrie Dress, a water-based Creation Magic spell in which the user creates armor that wraps around her body. This spell, in particular, mirrored that of Noelle’s mother, Acier Silva. After Kivn’s defeat, her older brother, Nozel, apologizes to Noelle for how he treated her and finally reveals the truth about her mother.

8 The Black Clover tournament arc features many notable battles

Yuno vs. Rill

When the Eye of the Midnight Sun became an even greater threat, the Wizard King, also known as Julius Novachrono, decided to create the Royal Knights, a squad that would be responsible for attacking the base of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. The members of this squad would be decided through a tournament.

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Once the teams were assembled, they had a simple task: protect their crystal and destroy the opposing team’s crystal. One of the most notable battles had Yuno against Rill, the captain of the Magic Knight of the Aqua Deer squad. During this fight, the pair displayed their incredible magical abilities as each participant stared in disbelief at their strength. This was also the first time that Rill’s powerful Paint Magic was revealed.

7 The fight between Yami and Licht showed how strong the captain of the Black Bulls really was

Yami, the captain of the rebellious Black Bulls squad, engaged Licht, who at the time was Patolli in disguise, in an epic battle between Dark Magic and Light Magic. As the captain of a Magic Knight squad, it was generally understood that Yami possessed a great deal of strength. However, during this fight, Yami makes it very clear how strong his dark magic is as he one-handedly counters a barrage of attacks from Licht, and remains surprisingly cool in the process. Furthermore, during this battle, Yami introduced Asta to Ki, a natural energy that people give off when they move.

6 Asta’s black form and his anti-magic spell, black meteorite, were unforgettable

Asta is knocked out by Ladros after he absorbs Salamander’s power, and while unconscious, he visits an unknown world where an Anti Magic Devil appears and tells him that he will take control of his body. Meanwhile, the Witch Queen uses her magic to increase the flow of Anti-Magic within Asta’s body.

Asta wakes up with his right hand now covered in black Anti-Magic and a black wing begins to grow. He unleashes a series of attacks on Ladros and finally knocks him down with Black Meteorite, an Anti-Magic spell.

5 Vanessa Enoteca awakens a powerful spell and saves her comrades from death

After Asta defeats Ladros, the Witch Queen arrives on the battlefield and takes control of Asta’s body using Puppet Bloodflow. He then orders her to kill Noelle, but Asta manages to unconsciously stop moments before impact.

Vanessa then asks her Thread Magic to change her destiny, and in turn, her grimoire grants her the ability to use the Red Thread of Fate. This incredibly useful magic spell allows the user to change the outcome of an event to something more favorable to him. As a result, she successfully defeats the Witch Queen and manages to save her comrades from death.

4 Patolli’s manipulation was an unexpected turn

Zagred uses the magic of Word Soul against Patolli - Black Clover

When Patolli revived his companions, war broke out between the Elven tribe and the Clover Kingdom. And after obtaining the final magic stone, it is revealed that Zagred, a high ranking demon, was manipulating Patolli the entire time. A devastated Patolli could not accept this fact and was subsequently enraged.

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Zagred then turns Patolli into a dark elf and uses him to attack both Asta and Yuno. But once Asta enters the subconscious of Patolli, this saves him from the darkness and the former enemies join forces to destroy the devil, putting an end to his plan.

3 Yami saw something in Asta and gives him the opportunity to join a squad of magic knights

As someone born without magic in a world where magic is everything, Asta was initially looked down upon by the masses as nothing more than a talentless peasant. Despite the continuous criticism he faced, Asta remains constantly motivated and believes that one day he will be able to achieve his dream of becoming the Wizard King.

But during the Magic Knight entrance exam, Asta was unable to receive a single invitation to a Magic Knight squad. However, Yami decided to jump out of his seat and provoke Asta by asking him if he still had the nerve to tell him that he would become the Wizard King while standing in front of him. And to his surprise, Asta stood firm in his statement. Impressed by his determination, Yami recruited him, making Asta an official member of the Black Bulls.

two Noelle accepted the challenge when Vetto asked her to use her strongest spell.

While playing a game with his squadmates in the Temple of the Seabed, Vetto and three members of the Eye of the Midnight Sun collide with the temple. After Vetto defeats both Kahono and Kiato, Noelle is left shaking in fear and unable to attack him as a result. But thanks to Kahono’s encouragement, Noelle is able to use an exceptionally powerful water-based creation spell, Sea Dragon’s Roar. Although Vetto tries to counter it, the spell turns out to be too great and, as a result, it falls out of his arm.

1 Patolli apparently defeats the Wizard King during a fatal exchange

The battle between Julius Novachrono and Patolli is one of the best in the series. Not only did William Vangence reveal that he shares a body with Patolli, but the outcome of the battle was also far from what fans expected to happen.

As Patolli prepares to launch a powerful attack on the Clover Kingdom, Julius uses a spell to erase it. However, Julius lets his guard down and Patolli manages to pierce him with a light sword. At this point, fans were led to believe that the beloved Wizard King was dead. However, it was later revealed that Julius had preserved some of his magic using the Swallowtail, a magical tool with a six-pointed star mark inside that was compatible with his time magic. This meant that when Patolli killed him, the mark on his forehead dissolved and he was later revived in a much younger body.

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