The world of cinema owes a lot to top directors like James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Stanley Kubrick, not to mention the ever-popular Ridley Scott. In particular, Ridley Scott is known for many classic sci-fi and historical films, from the semi-recent Prometheus to From 1979 Alien (starring Sigourney Weaver) and 1982 Bounty hunter, with Harrison Ford and the late Rutger Hauer.

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Both films are staples of the sci-fi genre and are loved to this day, despite their age. They are highly influential and frequently cited feature films, but one might wonder: Which of them is a major merit of Ridley Scott’s directorial career? You could make a good case for any of the sci-fi classics, and they offer very different things to the world of sci-fi cinema.

10 ALIEN IS THE BEST: Had an outstanding theatrical poster and motto

alien poster

Every movie needs an eye-catching and intriguing theatrical poster to get people excited to see it, and posters vary widely. Some show all the characters; others show just one, or even only focus on a single item. In the case of Alien, the poster is simple but terrifyingly effective.

The background of this famous poster is solid black, like a cold space, and the eye is attracted by a strange alien egg that is hatching with an insidious green energy inside. What horror will arise? And that motto is one of the best in science fiction, quoted and even parodied for decades.

9 BLADE RUNNER IS THE BEST: Vangelis’s soundtrack is haunting and beautiful


A good soundtrack can help make a movie memorable, or even legendary, from famous people. Star Wars soundtrack composed by John Williams for countless songs loved by Danny Elfman. Vangelis took command of Bounty huntersoundtrack, and created something amazing.

This OST is mostly made up of synths, creepy vocals, chimes, and some jazz, creating a tense, dark, and ultimately tender atmosphere of urban decay and painful human emotions in a deteriorated future world. In particular, the song “Tears in Rain” really showed what Vangelis can do.

8 ALIEN IS THE BEST: His Chestburster scene surprised even the actors, left the audience alone

The Alien The franchise is known for its “face hugging” monsters and chest bullies, which were a premonition of what was to come. First, the face-hugger forcibly implants an egg into the host, and then the alien embryo grows until it is released to continue growing to full size outdoors. The host is left for dead.

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The chestburster is a terrifying idea on its own, but for added effect, the actors in the famous chestburster scene didn’t know what would happen, just that. something it could happen. When the monster appeared, the actors were really confused and terrified, not just pretending. That is authentic and creative.

7 BLADE RUNNER IS THE BEST – Created a very influential environment for the near future

Many movies have depicted the future, but none did so with more flair and determination than the one from 1982. Bounty hunter. You could almost say that this movie decided on its own what cyberpunk cities look like: dirty, smoke-choked streets, eye-catching neon signs everywhere, constant rain, giant billboards, and more.

Countless works of cyberpunk fiction have imitated Bounty hunterlook, from the Massive effect games for Netrunner and certainly the video game Cyberpunk 2077, which even has “cyberpunk” in the name. Every dark, futuristic city wants a piece of the Bounty hunter cake.

6 ALIEN IS THE BEST – He had a palpable sense of persecution and dread

Classic Alien Movie Poster 1979

Alien It wasn’t just an action science fiction movie. The villain of the film was not a rational humanoid like the terrifying Darth Vader or even a Klingon warrior or the Borg; instead, it was an agile and stealthy monster, and this movie seemed like a sci-fi version of a saber-toothed tiger hunting hapless cavemen.

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Horror movies need more than blood; They need tension and atmosphere, taking advantage of the primal fear of being watched and chased by an invisible predator. That’s exactly the experience Alien He delivers with his monster, which is barely seen until the end, when he confronts Ripley.

5 BLADE RUNNER IS THE BEST – had a lot of themes about mankind and artificial beings

Bounty hunter

This film is full of thought-provoking and emotionally resonant themes about what it really means to be human and the implications of creating artificial people. Classic questions like “do artificial people have souls?” and “do artificial people have legal rights?” are just the beginning of Bounty hunter.

Besides all that, Bounty hunter Ironically it depicts lazy, drug-addicted human beings wasting their lives in Los Angeles in 2019, while the supposedly inferior replicants fight for their own lives and care deeply for each other. They became more human than real humans and, in that sense, they are the true protagonists, the underdog.

4 ALIEN IS THE BEST: The monster design is amazing

xenomorph aliens

Xenomorphs are some of the most famous and terrifying alien monsters in all of science fiction. From 1979 Alien mostly, he only hinted at the full appearance of this creature for the sake of tension, but finally, viewers were able to see what this thing actually looks like.

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The xenomorph’s elongated head, whip-like tail, sour blood, and most of all, its miniature second mouth are instantly recognizable, all in a vaguely humanoid, fast-moving body. Nothing screams “I’m a killer” more than this creature.

3 BLADE RUNNER IS THE BEST: Roy Batty’s monologue “Tears In Rain” is heartfelt and tragic

Rutger Hauer in the rain

Surprisingly, this memorable mini-speech by the character Roy Batty was devised by actor Rutger Hauer himself, and his inclusion in Bounty hunter it was almost literally at the last minute. This scene was rushed into the movie and thank goodness Ridley Scott made room for it.

The speech is about Roy’s incredible experiences in outer space and how lazy and decadent humans on Earth will never share their experiences. Those memories will die with Roy and indeed Roy expired and his exciting memories are gone. He finally became fully human just in time to die, and Rick Deckard could only watch.

two ALIEN IS THE BEST: He has an iconic heroine in Ellen Ripley

Ripley Marvel Alien

Many of the most shocking and legendary characters in science fiction are men or aliens, such as Luke Skywalker, Roy Batty, Chewbacca the Wookie, and Dr. David Bowman from 2001: a space odyssey fame. But there is room for further representation in science fiction, and actresses like Carrie Fisher and Sigourney Weaver made their voices heard.

AlienThe star is Ellen Ripley, played by Sigourney Weaver, and she quickly learned to face the monster with courage and wit rather than just laying down and dying for it. She and Princess Leia were excellent sci-fi heroines of their time, and Ripley returned for a few more adventures, such as in 1986. Aliens, when he faced the alien queen herself.

1 BLADE RUNNER IS THE BEST: Rick Deckard’s Ambiguity of Humanity

The action star of Bounty hunter He’s Rick Deckard, and it’s remarkable that he can take on super strong, super fast replicants and survive. He is certainly more physically active than any of the self-indulgent humans in this movie, but he may not be human himself. The movie raises a question: Is Deckard a replicant that hunts other replicants?

For a long time this was ambiguous and the subtle clues in the movie suggested all kinds of answers. In one brief scene, Deckard’s eyes seemed to glow with the orange light characteristic of replicating eyes, and his origami and unicorn dream suggested that he was indeed a replicant. Even now, the debate continues.

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