Elden Ring just released a trailer at the Summer Game Fest that reveals multiple features that the game will include. As an implicit continuation of the Dark souls Serie, Elden Ring manages to maintain a similar vibe and includes some returning features directly inspired by previous games.

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Besides that, it also includes multiple new concepts and ideas that give it a completely unique atmosphere. Although it’s only a three-minute trailer, there are plenty of features included mostly in the form of small details and short cutscenes that keep fans excited about the game’s official launch.

10 Release date and availability

Elden-Rings-Trailer-Release Date

Probably the most important thing about the trailer is that it ends with a release date. Elden Ring It will arrive on January 21, 2022 and will be available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One and PC via Steam. Usually these trailers come with an estimated date and no information on the availability of the console, so this is a big surprise for all fans of the game. Its release is sooner than most fans expected, which is definitely good news.

9 Big open world

The Elden Ring map can be explored at the player's free time

One of the first things you see in the trailer is the larger and more open world compared to the previous one. Souls games. With many more places to explore in each area, it can be assumed that the game will be full of secrets. Secret items in hidden spots in a secret corner, a secret passage to a new area with new optional bosses, or even secret NPCs that allow for some unique dialogue and can potentially lead to different endings. All these features that were included in the previous Souls games will almost certainly return and to an even greater extent.

8 Character story

Elden Ring's monsters are like those in Bloodborne

As shown in the trailer, the player starts out naked while being grabbed by a huge hand. Later, in what appears to be a boss fight, the boss addresses the player as a “tarnished lowly” while demanding that they kneel as if the boss is some kind of god. This is similar to the Hollow, which is what the player is during the first Dark souls play.

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It is considered to be a destiny that the player is doomed to follow and eventually becomes completely empty unless he can find some humanity. It seems possible that a similar concept is favored in Elden Ring.

7 Horse riding

Screenshot of the Elden Ring 2021 trailer

One of the new and more hyped features shown in the trailer is horse riding. Seeing the player riding his horse across multiple picturesque wildlands while also wielding a sword and fighting while mounted is truly breathtaking.

The horsemanship and the combat on horseback lacked of the previous one. Souls games, and its addition in this trailer seems to have been done flawlessly. Fans are excited about this new feature, and for good reason.

6 Dragons

There are dragons in every Souls game, and Elden Ring is no exception. Not sure if they will be in the form of world bosses, or more in the form of area guardians like the Helkite Dragon who was guarding the bridge in the first Dark souls play.

In the trailer, a four-winged dragon is shown using its fire breath and even wielding lightning that it shoots towards the player, and is something reminiscent of enemies encountered in The Ringed City. Being scary and impressive, dragons are something to look forward to.

5 Armor customization


The player is seen throughout the trailer wearing different types of armor. In the previous Souls games, changing armor often due to stats or fashion was a fun and unique feature that players enjoyed.

This looks like it will continue Elden Ring and it will allow players to create some unique appearances with combinations of armor and weapons that can be shared with others through the cooperative function of up to 4 players.

4 Huge castle

Elden Ring Landscape Cover

The world is not only bigger and more open compared to the old Souls games, but it also includes some awesome locations. The trailer offers a brief glimpse of a magnificent cathedral-inspired castle, which will likely be one of the explorable areas in Elden Ring.

It is surprising that this area is strikingly similar to Dark souls 3 Irityll from the Boreal Valley area, which is considered by many fans to be one of the most beautiful areas in the game.

3 Dark Souls combat

Elden Ring: Who are the tarnished ones?

In the short section showing combat in Elden Ring, you can see that it will have many similarities with the Dark souls games. The trailer reveals a slow-paced combat focused on regular, slash, hit, and thrust attacks, as well as some parry mechanics.

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Combat is considered by most to be one of the best aspects of combat. Dark souls games (despite being a bit frustrating at times), and take it to Elden Ring is something to look forward to.

two Unique enemies

Elden Ring bosses look like the best in Dark Souls

It wouldn’t be a proper trailer if it didn’t show off some of the enemies players will have to face. From one of the first scenes, an enemy is revealed that looks like a ceramic pot, which is similar to Dark souls‘mimics chests and will make the player think twice before throwing or breaking any of the canisters on the map.

On top of that, some of the boss fights are revealed, and each boss includes its own mechanic and even its own backstory – one is seen wearing a crown, another demanding recognition as if they were a god.

1 Fire keeper

Elden Ring seems to have its own fire guardian from Dark Souls

Probably the most important figure in the entire trailer is the hooded lady whose name is not yet known, and we bet she is probably the one speaking throughout the trailer.

Due to his similarity in appearance to the Guardian of Fire in the Dark souls series, is expected to play a central role in the game. If a bonfire-like mechanic is used, it can be expected to serve as its guardian or as a shrine guardian guiding the player throughout the game.

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