On Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Rhea is the Archbishop of the Church of Seiros, located in the Garreg Mach Monastery. He has a lot of power over Fodlan, given that he kept his identity as a Nabatean a secret. A player’s opinion of it is usually determined by the first route he plays.

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On some routes, she is always kind and generous at all times, giving Byleth the support they need. In others, Rhea is lost in madness, even going so far as to consider innocent people expendable so that she can take revenge. Like any other character, Rhea has her good and bad points, but she usually tries to do her best for others and tries to replicate her mother’s leadership.

10 Right: Hiring Byleth grants you a close ally

Byleth's character selection

Rhea took a risk when she hired Byleth to be a teacher at Garreg Mach. Although Byleth saved three of the house’s leaders during his time as a mercenary, they had no teaching experience under their belt.

Byleth would prove to be a reliable ally, as on most routes, Byleth is not only a good teacher, but they are also fiercely loyal to the church, continuing to fight the Adrestian Empire even when Rhea is gone.

9 Wrong: hiring Byleth creates his worst enemy (Crimson Flower Route)

Byleth and Edelgard prepare to fight Rhea

In Crimson Flower, hiring Byleth is the worst mistake Rhea ever made. She hired a future enemy, who would not only recruit many capable soldiers from the monastery, but one who would eventually kill her along with Edelgard.

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After Byleth’s betrayal, Rhea loses control of her own sanity and relentlessly pursues Byleth. Unfortunately for her, she is no match for Byleth’s army.

8 Right: Survivors of destroyed villages can seek refuge in the church

Garreg Mach in Fire Emblem Three Houses

The church offers help to people in need, providing them with food, medicine and shelter. Those people include those from towns that were destroyed by bandits or beasts.

Although many people did not like the fact that the church charged so much for education and seemed to have access to many supplies that other places did not have, Rhea was willing to help others, even if they did not share the same beliefs as her. .

7 Incorrect: did not bury Byleth’s mother

Sitri frozen in time

In the Cindered Shadows DLC, it is revealed that the tomb that Jeralt visited was empty the entire time. Byleth’s mother, Sitri, was never buried, as Rhea couldn’t bear the idea.

Instead, he hid Sitri’s body where no one could find it. Unfortunately, Aelfric found Sitri’s pristine body 10 years later, which he used in a ritual. He intended to bring Sitri back to life, but only turned them both into an Umbral Beast that Byleth was forced to kill.

6 Right: The Abyss system benefits a lot of people

byleth in the abyss

Below the monastery is a secret city called Abyss. The Abyss is not the perfect place, as it is a seedy place that few people trust each other. However, the church leaves them alone, allowing the residents to stand alone.

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The people who go there are usually rejected nobles or people who just want to get away from it all. Here, people who cannot find peace on the surface are safe.

5 Wrong: wanting to kill Byleth for protecting Edelgard

Rhea snaps

Rhea was the one who encouraged Byleth to meet the students. Over time, Byleth grew closer to his kind, earning their trust and respect. As a teacher, it was natural for Byleth to hesitate when Rhea demanded that they kill Edelgard for her betrayal.

When Byleth steps in front of Edelgard, Byleth was only showing his unwillingness to kill his student. Unfortunately, Rhea believes that this betrayal deserves death.

4 Right: She leaves her post as Archbishop

Rea after rescue

At the end of the routes she survives, Rhea once again relies on humans for her own safety. She ceded some or all of her power to Byleth, who had shown that they were ready and capable of leading.

Rhea notices the mistakes in altering the story and keeping her secrets, as her actions were the root of most of the conflict. Rhea, having been held captive by Edelgard, is also weak and tired, so it is best that she retreat.

3 Incorrect: those who oppose the Church do not receive a judgment

Ashe and Lonato in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Rea cannot tolerate anyone who violently opposes the church, retaliating without forgiveness. His army has put an end to anyone who has stood up to the church, including those associated with the students who attend Garreg Mach, such as Ashe and Sylvain.

People who oppose the church are also not entitled to a trial, and it is seen condemning people to death despite its pleas for mercy.

two Right: Save Byleth from the Agarthan missiles

Area about to transform

Those who slip into the dark had access to much more advanced technology than the rest of the world. They can fire javelins of light capable of decimating a fort, which would normally be difficult to conquer.

Rhea had to protect Byleth from these before Nemesis’s resurrection, turning into her dragon form and taking all damage instead. She managed to save lives, but was seriously injured.

1 Incorrect: did not explain anything to Jeralt

Jeralt offers Sitri flowers

When Sitri gave birth to Byleth, Byleth and Sitri were close to death. Rhea respected Sitri’s wishes to save her son, so she gave the Sothis Crest Stone and the Crest of Flames to Byleth.

Rhea never explained the situation to Jeralt, who felt uncomfortable due to the death of his wife and the fact that Byleth had no heartbeat or emotions. This led Jeralt to fake Byleth’s death and flee the monastery, unable to trust Rhea with Byleth’s safety.

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